Iberico pork skirt steak, arroz con pollo (puerto rican style) and Fiat dreams

6 Jun

We were at Fashion Square Mall last weekend to see the movie Intouchables at Camelview 5 – you must see this film. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1675434/ It is moving and funny. The plot is an energetic and somewhat astray young black man in Paris who ends up taking care of a wealthy handicapped gentleman. He brings life to the household and a much needed sense of humor.

Did you know there is a Pita Jungle in the food court at SFM? I had forgotten. Anyways, this way we were able to enjoy lunch “our way” so Jack had tacos from Blue Burrito Grill and I was able to order a falafel sandwich from PJ. Their falafal is so good. PJ is one of my favorite restaurants. The lentil fetoosh salad is not too heavy and a perfect summertime meal (and it is good for your waistline too if you are working on your swimsuit figure).

Also at the mall, there was a Fiat 500 on display – my new goal appears to be to have my picture taken with each one I see.

I mean, they are small, and cute…much like _____ (you fill in the blank here).

We had ordered some Iberian pork skirt steak awhile back from La Tienda.com (it was half price at the time) and into the freezer it went. Until last weekend. Jack marinated it in buttermilk, magic fairy dust (Spanish paprika?), salt/pepper and then it went into a flour mixture before going into a frying pan. So it came out like a schnitzel – which I really like – I mean anything coated in breading, and then fried can’t be a bad thing.

On the side he served a tomato/basil/garlic/olive oil pasta. And guess who took the leftovers for lunch the next day? Hmmmm. This is a tough one.


Last night I came home to arroz con pollo. It has little chunks of chicken (on the bone), pigeon peas, green olives and some of the Iberian pork steak (he had some that he did not put breading on – apparently it was saved for this dish). Jack made a huge amount, so there are leftovers to take to lunch today – I’m posting this before I leave for work…so Jodi and Linda, if you are reading, don’t bring lunch today. We are covered.

On Saturday I did a little errand running and then it was back to Jack’s for rest – what we call “Moroccan time.” I made micheladas with little Coronas, Clamato, green olive, cracked pepper, limes and green olives. And a celery stick.

After two of these, I was less than motivated. But it was the weekend…


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