Celebrating EOM at Macayo’s, Jack’s fried chicken, an artistic friend and fresh figs

1 Jun

I’m lucky to have a very artistic friend. Specifically, Linda. She painted this.


Wow, right? I’m thinking she needs to display her works at a local coffeehouse, specifically a place like Mama Java’s where they have been known to show cool local art.

Maybe I need to implant the seed the next time I go over there for a latte. Hmmmm.


Jack made fried chicken last weekend. He first marinated chicken pieces in buttermilk, salt and pepper for a few hours, then he dusted each piece in a mixture of flour, cornbread and magic fairy dust (the spices he doesn’t tell me about). The finished product was really tasty.


Go, chef Jack! He is an amazing cook. I know where my bread is buttered, believe me you.

Last night we moved a refrigerator (please don’t ask me about the gory details) and pilfered green figs from the backyard. They are delicious. I thought maybe since they are green that they wern’t ripe yet, but this specific variety stays green. Find yourself a fig tree, because they are ripe, now. Yum yum.


For some reason we can’t seem to separate the phone charger from the snack tray. Not sure why this is?

Today being the 31st, I was needing to blow off some steam with my workmates (bill collectors need to blow off steam at EOM) so a few of us headed to Macayo’s on Central.

All I can say is, “What happens at Macayo’s stays at Macayo’s.”


We shared some mini chimichangas and many laughs. It was a bit overdue to hang out with my peeps.


And rumor has it that one of us might have thrown back a few sangrias and actually danced (gasp) by herself… on a Thursday night no less, on their teeny tiny dancefloor in the bar. Who could that have been?


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