Dinner at Sahara, Nutella gelato from Gelato spot and becoming less changa at Magañas Beauty Salon

26 May

***Magañas Beauty Salon has a brand new space at 32nd St./McDowell***

Lupe did a beautiful job with the interior; there is new flooring, paint and lighting. You must go and get primped. As far as I can tell, the prices are still the same. For $15, the lovely Alejandra waxed my brows and…moustache (ahem) so now I am less changa (monkey).

Sonia and Lupe were working hard this morning to make a group of ladies dishy who were going to a Quinceañera today. They perform miracles, in my opinion. Curls on top of the head that defy gravity. How do they do that?


I also spied that there is a new raspado place that opened up right next door. It might be worth checking out if you like shaved ice with fruit and chamoyyyyyyyyyyyy.


Last night Jack and I had a yen for Middle-Eastern food, so we headed to Sahara, where he enjoyed the lamb shank and I chose the lamb and chicken tikka combo. And we shared hummus. They have one of the best hummuses in town I think. Our meat was was perfectly seasoned. And they have a refreshing yogurt/lemon dressing on their side salad. I would bathe in it if I could. I am just crazy about this place.

An added bonus: there are leftovers.


Yesterday being payday, I was feeling like a treat…so I stopped at Gelato Spot before dinner (this is why the kitchen wench does the stairmaster 4X week).

They have Nutella flavor this month. It reminded me of the chocolate confuso flavor they made about this time last year that had pistachios and hazelnuts. Get yourself a shake today.



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