Indahphoria chocolate, beef with bok choy, an alternative dinner to eating out for a kitchen wench on a budget

24 May

We had beef with bok choy last night. Jack sautees the bok choy first in a little olive oil (and fish sauce I think) then he puts it aside to brown some slices of meat with olive oil, garlic and magic fairy dust (I don’t know what else he puts in there). It is so delicious. Even better than the old standby beef and broccoli, I think. It is very homey food, and it makes me feel like everything is well in the world.

Illusions aren’t always a bad thing.


At lunch today I was demolishing the portion he packed for me. (surprise)

This morning I was reading one of the new food magazines we get (it might be called Home Cooking) and there is a recipe for a peanut butter shake. I can’t wait to make this.

You need 1 cup milk, 1/2 cup peanut butter and 2 cups vanilla ice cream. You blend it and then inhale. The recipe says it serves three. I think it serves one, or two at the most. This sounds so delicious.

Tonight (ahem) I was on a budget, but really wanted to get a meat and cheeseboard (minus the cheese) with the bread, nuts and chutney from North. What’s a frugal kitchen wench to do?


I stopped at Fresh and Easy, where you can get a demi baguette for $1.29 (mine was .84 since it is so late in the day) and some grape tomatoes for $1.50 (enough leftover for lunch tomorrow), some raw almonds for $1.29 (also enough leftover for lunch tomorrow) and prosciutto $3.99 for 3 oz. That’s a pretty good deal. I got out of there for less than $9.00 and I managed to score lunch for tomorrow plus breakfast. They have a yummy breakfast bun made with puff pastry and cinnamon that you must try.

For dessert I’m enjoying a chocolate bar from Indaphoria Chocolate out of Bend, OR. Thanks to yours truly, they just shipped their first order to AZ. I found out about them through, which puts together a sample box each month, this way you can try artisan foods from different parts of the country. This is a pretty neat thing. I highly recommend you get a few bars. This particular bar has himalayan sea salt and goji berries (I know it sounds very fancy). It is a little bitter (70% cacao) but I find it is one of the best chocolate bars I have ever tried.



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