Latkes, happy hour at Cuoco Pazzo and lunch at Luke’s

20 May

On Friday my bro Mike and I went to Luke’s on 16th St./Indian School for lunch. It had been a long time (at least a year) since we enjoyed their hot dogs. For a change this time we decided to share sandwiches, Mike got an Italian sausage with peppers and onions and I ordered an Italian beef with giardiniera (they make their own and you can buy a jar to take home). We shared onion rings, and were very happy with our lunch choices. We ended up with a half of a sandwich to take home to my Mom; in the end I’m not sure who finished it off. Their Italian beef is soaked in the juice, as well as the bun, so it comes to you very moist…you have to eat it fast, so the bun doesn’t fall apart. Which wasn’t a problem for the kitchen wench (surprise). The onion rings were crispy but could have been more plentiful. Maybe next time we will order two baskets and solve that problem.


I only ate half of my sandwich at Luke’s in part because I knew Jack and I were going to happy hour later that evening. And a very happy hour it was. Jack suggested we try a new place, Cuoco Pazzo, which is on Goldwater and Indian School. For $42 we shared a good sized pizza with Italian dried meats (are you noticing an Italian theme on this blog today?), sausage sliders and a frito mixto which included fried squid, zucchini, shrimp and squash. Their breading was very light, perfectly seasoned, and came with a tangy tipping sauce. They have a lot of beers on tap and an impressive wine list. I started with an Abruzzo and finished with a Chianti. The kitchen wench lies to mix it up. Jack enjoyed a dark beer…I don’t remember the name but if you ask for something similar to Blue Moon, they will bring you the beer he drank. Get to this place soon. We also spied that they have duck and (wait for it) rabbit on the dinner menu.

We’ll be back.

Last night Jack decided we would do a bbq today at my place and invite my family, since he had procured an enormous amount of chicken wings awhile back, and they have been taking up space (valuable space, I might add) in his freezer. So he marinated them last night, along with some Korean short ribs and we had an enormous bbq lunch today. Along with a green salad, potato salad and…latkes!

For someone who isn’t Jewish, Jake makes an amazing latke.

Since we like sweets in our family, for dessert Jack had suggested root beer floats with rocky road ice cream. They were very well received by my Mom, Mike and my Aunt Char.

You could also make ice cream sodas this time of year with 1/4 cup milk, 1 cup sparkling soda (plain) and 2 scoops of ice cream, with a couple of squeezes of chocolate syrup.

You could add a shot of rum if you want to make it an (ahem) adult drink.

I’m just saying…it’s hot out there folks! Ice cream is a good way to cool off.


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