Dinner at North and a new cell phone

17 May

I’ve finally graduated to a smart phone.

Still in shock here about that.

I feel like I’m back in kindergarten, not sure how to tie my shoes, and asking for the “shoe captain.”

It is a Motorola Droid 4 with a slider keyboard (good for those of us who like texting).


I’m liking it a lot, but there is a big learning curve.

Thankfully for me, I was able to have dinner tonight with my little sis Francesca and my Dad at North, so they could bring me up to speed on it. Fran helped me get my contacts set up (with pictures) so I don’t have to go to the phone app anymore to call my favorite people. That’s going to be a real timesaver. And she helped me set up my email so now all I have to do is go to the email app and it is right there as opposed to going to the browser. It helps to be surrounded by smart people.

Fran had a delicious looking salad with arugula, apples and golden beets. Dad enjoyed a liquid dinner (gin & tonics) since my aunt Char had already made them dinner. She is a great cook. Steak and asparagus does not a bad dinner make. And I ordered the bucatini with red sauce and meatballs. Now I’m paying for it. I always say I should just eat half of what’s on my plate, but that seldom seems to occur.

Now that I’ve tried the bucatini twice (and enjoyed it both times) it’s time to graduate to something else on their menu. I’m looking at the salads and they have one that looks particularly tasty, farro with dates, marcona almonds, seasonal vegetables and a white balsamic dressing (and you can add chicken or salmon). Something healthy, akin to the lentil fetoosh salad I like at Pita Jungle.

They also have an Italian salad with salami, which doesn’t sound bad either. Battle of the salads! Which one will win next time?



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