Steamed globe artichokes, The Avengers and spicy teriyaki chicken

15 May

I didn’t much care for teriyaki as a little girl. I remember once being at a restaurant (Stewarts?) on 16th St./Camelback for a family birthday celebration and ordering shish- kebabs (they were the thing in the 70’s) and on this particular day they came to me in teriyaki sauce. It was just too strong at the time, for the kitchen wench’s tender palate.

Now that my palate has expanded, teriyaki is one of my favorite things, and I very much enjoyed Jack’s teriyaki chicken last night with red and orange bell peppers, onions and spicy green pepper. Except this time he kicked it up a notch…it was extra spicy, so much hydration was required (and a strawberry Mexican popsicle afterwards as well). Leftovers destined for the kitchen wench’s lunch today:

He added some extra sugar to the sauce last night so my mouth won’t have so much afterburn at lunch.

This morning I had good intentions and was working out (the kitchen wench has to do this in order to maintain her girlish figure since her boy friend feeds her like she is eating for 2) when Jack presented me with this enormous cinnamon bun.


We went to Tempe Marketplace on Sunday to see the Avengers at Harkins. I quite enjoyed the movie, the special effects were great, and well…Robert Downey Jr. was nice on the eyes. Here’s something else that is easy on the eyes.

Dictator Jack?

Jack is really far from a dictator, about as far as you can get, I would say. Very easy going, and thoughtful. Look at the beautiful artichokes he made this weekend:

He steamed them for about 30 minutes then served them with a mayo/lime/salt/pepper/magic fairy dust dipping sauce. They were so tender. It is the first time I had eaten a “choke” that big. On the side we munched on a pizza from Fresh & Easy with sausage,peppers and pepperoni. Their pizza is tasty, I recommend giving it a go.

This weekend we also mowed through “cue” from Famous Dave’s BBQ. They have a “Feast for Two” (more like for three) that comes with bbq chicken, spareribe and a third meat (we chose bbq wings), along with fries, beans, coleslaw, cornbread muffins and corn on the cob. A major feast, and leftovers for both of us for lunch yesterday. The sauce is sweet and tangy. We were licking our fingers for two days straight.

Have you seen the new Fiat 500? I am quite liking it. They are leasing them for around $200/month.



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