A happy Mother’s Day and lunch at Noca

13 May

I went to See’s bright and early this morning to get a little something for my Mum…she is very deserving.

She put up with shenanigans from my brothers and me (but mostly me) for many years and now that we’re all earning, well…we have to give as much as we can to her on Mother’s Day.

My bro Ken in CA gifted her some Spanish cheese, artisan crackers, red seedless grapes and pistachio nuts (shopping for such goodies provided by the kitchen wench at AJ’s fine foods) and my bro Mike ordered her a dozen Sherri’s Berri’s dipped in white chocolate, of which I tried the remnants today…and I can tell you they are (were) very tasty. My brother confirmed they arrived fresh and un-melted suprisingly, in the AZ heat.

After making the trip to See’s today, I met my Dad and my Aunt Char at Noca on 32nd St./Camelback. My aunt had a coupon for buy 1 sandwich and get one free…not that we need a coupon to be motivated to eat out in my family, but it can contribute to “the cause.” Dad and Char shared two sandwiches (1 lobster roll and 1 Sal D) and I got my own since I am selfish that way (a Sal D for me also). The sandwiches aren’t enormous, so if you come with a hearty appetite you might need to order something on the side.  Like potatoes fried in duck fat (how good does that sound).

Dad had the pasta salad which I couldn’t really identify the ingredients except to say it appeared to be a couscous type pasta with maybe…peas? I can’t be sure but it was refreshing. The Sal D sandwich had a lot of flavor, a very good artisan salumi (fancy way to say salami I guess) and spicy provolone, with cabbage, giardiniera, aioli and extra virgin olive oil.

The sub rolls they use aren’t too chewy but the hold up to the ingredients nicely… and the bread is very fresh. I didn’t ask but I am curious to know if they bake it in house. I didn’t try the lobster roll, but Char and Dad said it was enjoyable, so I might have to go back and try one. The lobster was “peeking out” of the top of the roll as you would typically see with this type of sandwich.

The dinner menu is interesting, albeit a little pricy.  But, if you don’t mind paying the prices at North or The Parlor, you should be in good shape. Dinner menu items include spaghetti with carbonara, squid ink tagliatelle, carolina white shrimp, striped bass, atlantic hake and two wash ranch roasted chicken.

And I can tell you for sure that they make their own pasta. They were making some while we were there today.

They also have roasted hudson valley foie gras on the menu. I might have to invest in a dinner there soon. Here’s hoping I make commission this month at work.

Also, they will be opening a 2nd location at Phx Sky Harbor.  You don’t have to eat bad food at the airport anymore!



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