Matchmaking at Cornish Pasty Company in Tempe

12 May

Jack has a single friend and the kitchen wench has a single friend. What’s a couple to do?

Try to fix them up, of course.

Last night Jack brought his friend for happy hour… and I brought mine, so they could meet. We all enjoyed the meat pies at Cornish Pasty. Jack chose the chicken pot pie and Linda and I had the oggie (steak, potato, onions) and David ordered italian that came with a tasty looking red sauce. The other pies came with a red wine gravy, which I wanted to take a bath in. It is so yummy.

Jack had a Guinness, while Linda and I stuck with our favorites (Stella for her and a black and tan for me).

Cornish Pasty Company recently expanded so they have more space now…. so you can grab a big table for your office party (post office hours, of course) or for girls night out. And they scored some cool pews from a church in Kansas, so when you sit on the hard surface, after a few beers and a rather large meat pie,  you feel sort of…pious.

And the best part of eating out. Leftovers!

Destined for Jack’s lunch today.


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