The concert outfit, today’s lunch and this weekend…up at the rim?

8 May

We had an amazing time at the Mana concert. First, we had dinner at the old Chuy’s location Indian School…they have specials on grilled fish, shrimp and chicken every night of the week. I highly recommend you go. Jack enjoyed a shrimp skewer with Spanish rice, pinto beans, cabbage salad and corn tortillas, while I chose the tilapia (there must have been 5 or six little fillets) with the same sides but went for the flour tortillas instead. We shared a small pitcher of Dos Equis lager and our tummies were full…we had the energy we needed for the concert.

The outfit!

The dress is Nieves Lavi, I had to “step it up” since Jack was in a beautiful tailored short sleeve black and blue shirt with embroidery and black jeans.The concert in a word was amazing, Mana has great energy (and they look pretty good too). The technology was really something, there were incredible videos playing as they performed and some words were said from their main singer about SB 1070 and the desire for “libertad.” I was in the right place May 4, for sure. With my people.

On May 5 we went to the Mexican Graduation at ASU (I had never done this before) as Jack’s friend’s Susie’s daughter was graduating and then there was a fun party in Chandler. One of the award recipients gave a speech about the injustics of SB1070 and the need to pass The Dream Act. Again, I was with my people. As far as the party went…the address was printed wrong on the invitation so we are in this mostly Hispanic neighborhood in old Chandler asking people “sabes donde esta 736 al este de Flint?” Eventually we found it, and that was a good thing, because Susie and her Mom had prepared pulled (boiled chicken) with pinto beans, Spanish rice and they served corn tortillas. The piece de resistance was Stephanie’s graduation cake (sorry I don’t have a picture) that was beautifully decorated with brightly colored yellow and purple icing…and (wait for it) the inside was red velvet. Yummy yum yum.

The only Mexican party I’ve ever been to without booze, but you know…that’s not a bad thing. The company was really nice. Very friendly people. From Susie’s Mom I learned how to make a cooked red salsa. If I make it I will share the recipe (and pictures) with you.

Last night Jack made Dom Yum Gai (spicy Thai soup with chicken – not pictured), sweet and spicy chicken with green beans, white rice and pork fried rice. Just look at today’s lunch for the kitchen wench.

Last night after dinner, we prepared dinner for tonight (while watching Iron Chef). Yes… thinking about food is all we do.

This pork butt is marinating with ginger, garlic (I chopped these), olive oil, salt and pepper. Then later today it’s going in Jack’s little Cuisinart rotisserie oven to get all brown and yummy. We’ll have black beans (he made these yesterday) and Puerto Rican rice with green olives also. I know. We are eating machines.

This weekend there may be another kayak trip, as Jack asked me this morning, “hey what do we have going on this weekend?”…to which I replied, “nothing” and he gets this big smile and says, “well, we do still have the kayaks.”

As evidenced by the kayaks on his patio.



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