Avoiding a potential wardrobe malfunction and lunch at Paradise Bakery & Cafe

5 May

Jack just called and said he didn’t know what to wear tonight to the Maná concert. I think he was reading my mind. My Mom today actually asked me what I was going to wear. In the back of my mind I was thinking, well, what do I have that’s clean and wrinkle free?

Here are my potential wardrobes for tonight (you all have voting privileges):

1) The shirt that Jack gave me and the sari from my Dad (via the Sari Lady) gave me from a street fair in Vista, CA. http://www.sarilady.com/Contact_Us.html

2) My bargain dress (DVF) from Ebay that I had been mooning over for 2 years…and,

3) my favorite…the “cocky” t-shirt Jack got me at the GoodGuys car show recently with a pair of jeans (not pictured).

He is wearing jeans and a nice shirt, so I’d better step it up a bit. I’m thinking I should go with #2.

Your thoughts?

Until I make the ultimate dressing decision, I’m going to have a Sierra Nevada and mow through my leftovers from Paradise Bakery & Cafe.

Dad, my bro Mike and I had a tasty lunch there today at the Biltmore. I’m usually a fan of independent type sandwich places (think Ladybug, Acacia Cafe) but Paradise was convenient for us all…and surprisingly delicious. Chicken salad on toasted focaccia for me, and salads for Mike and Dad. Their salads are enormous, and look very fresh and healthy. http://www.paradisebakery.com/


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