Strawberry pancakes, shrimp & scallops over pasta with asparagus and tomato and the kitchen wench kayaks for the first time

1 May

Last week I get a text photo from Jack.


There had been rumblings of a kayaking trip for some time now, since his boss has 2 kayaks (count ’em) and they are available to employees anytime. This is a pretty neat perk. I’ll have to remind myself of this the next time I’m negotiating my work contract (haha).

So, on Sunday…to Canyon Lake we went. And it was so fun! Kayaking isn’t hard, you just have to get the hang of paddling. The balance thing is easy. And afterwards we went for a swim in the cold lake water. Very refreshing.


Maybe I shouldn’t quit my day job to join the “girls gone wild” company.

We also barbequed, Jack brought his little butane grill (this is a genius thing) and we grilled some chicken pieces and enjoyed them with potato and broccoli salads from Basha’s. No booze on this trip. Just lots of water for the kitchen wench and Dr. Pepper for chef Jack.

Before we left for the lake, Jack had made strawberry pancakes. The strawberries are inside!


We also had bacon (he cuts it in half before he cooks it so there is more brown surface…brown = yummy) and Peet’s coffee, courtesy of his nephew Alfonso. We’ve decided Alfonso can take a management position (franchise owner?) at Peet’s, but he isn’t allowed to leave. We depend too much on his largesse.

Last night Jack made shrimp and scallops over pasta with fresh asparagus and grape tomatoes.


This is a great dish. He uses garlic, a little olive oil, a little butter and some magic fairy dust (that’s the stuff he won’t tell me about). I guess the chef always has to hold out on something in case his sous chef might pick up and go cooking (ahem) at another restaurant.

He already knows it’s in the bag, though…one indication (other than me declaring it) is that he’s provided fizzy water from shopping trips (Perrier pink grapefruit is their latest flavor) and that’s a big key to the kitchen wench’s heart (er, stomach).


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