My year with Jack, happy hour at Claim Jumper, lunch at Jay’s gyros and LeLe Nails

21 Apr

It’s been about a year since Jack and I have been keeping company. Wow. A whole year.

And it’s gone by fast.

He is such a quality person. I could say a lot here about Jack, but this is a blog (not a novel). Let me just say he is sweet, sincere, smart, funny and damn…he looks pretty good in (wait for it) a kimono.

Have you been to Jay’s Gyros? They are on 40th St./Broadway. They do a gyro plate that feeds like three people. So there are leftovers. The frugal kitchen wench appreciates this.

We were at Claim Jumper last night for happy hour. Yummy stuff. We enjoyed fried squid (this was probably frozen but still tasty) that came with cocktail sauce, fried zucchini (I really liked these), chicken wings done Asian bbq style (a nice flavor on these – 5 spice? not sure) and sliders. Jack had a couple of long island iced teas and I opted for the CJ red ale. A tasty brew.

We’ll be back! Since we were right across the street from AZ Mills Mall, we ducked in (to get out of the heat) and went to the kitchen store (I can’t remember the name). Jack got a new neoprene handle for his grill pan, some fancy kitchen sponges and I got a new spork.

It is lightweight plastic, but sturdy. I can keep it in my purse (handy, that) and it’s not going to poke a hole in it, like a regular knife and fork could. And when you have a Fendi bag (think Italian, pretty, stylish), you don’t want to poke a hole in it.

I went to LeLe Nails today (38th St./Indian School) and used the polish my workmate gave me awhile back (thank you Catalina). I’m not sure if they will glow in the dark, but it looks possible.

The ladies at LeLe take really good care of you. The sea salt scrub is very relaxing. And sometimes you run into your friends there, like I did today. My friend Diane was there having a mani/pedi. We got to catch up and she told me about the fundraiser tonight at Mission Montessori School, 96th St./Shea. 6:00 pm. There will be flamenco dancers/music. $5.00 entry fee. The proceeds go to students who are taking a trip to the UN soon. I think that’s neat.

Something good to support.

I met my Dad today for lunch at Acacia Cafe. Market salad with chicken for me and a shaved ham sammie for Dad with swiss, on marble rye. They serve breakfast, too. I am really liking this place, and it is convenient for the kitchen wench (right across the street). They make homemade scones, donuts and other yummies.

Afterwards we went over to Book Gallery (36th St./Indian School) and I found some new reads. The illustrated Alchemist is for Jack’s friend’s Susie’s daughter who is graduating from ASU next month, and is destined to be a great physician with additional studies.

The kitchen wench is a cross between a puppy, a five year old and a cheerleader (mostly a puppy and a five year old though).  I appreciate books with illustrations.



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