“Free” wine, dinner at North and passing notes with co-workers

19 Apr

I traded some candy bars with my neighbor tonight for wine. A good trade! He got: an Aero bar, a Crunchie, a milk chocolate “bark” square and a Flake from Fresh & Easy. I got 3 1/2 bottles of wine. Whoohoo!

I had stopped at Fresh and Easy tonight since I had to pick up some more 3 Fruits Marmalade since my brother is making waffles tomorrow morning. I mean, if he is making waffles I can at least provide a topping. Fresh and Easy is conveniently located right across the street from North, where I had dinner with my Dad tonight. He had the grilled squid appetizer (this comes with some yummy looking white beans) in olive oil and I inhaled the bucatini (the sister pasta of perciatelli which my aunt has made for us many years now) with red sauce and meatballs. Their meatballs are so good. Very homey. When you order this dish you also need to order the vino nobile dei montepulciano. According to my Dad, this is the same wine the Pope drinks. I mean, if it’s good enough for him, it must be pretty good. At $12/glass, sip it slowly.

Also we had after dinner drinks and coffee. Frangelico and capuccino for my Dad, and an espresso and liquer Strega for me. Strega is like Chartreuse, if you like that herby/mediciney stuff, you will dig it.

Recently I was passing notes with coworkers…or rather a coworker was passing a note to me. It read:

Since I’m a lady and I’m not into throwing my coworkers under the bus, I won’t say who it came from, but I will say that she didn’t have to pass it from too far away.


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