Venezia’s pizza in Tempe (coming down from taxes dinner), a new marmalade and Maná coming to Phoenix

18 Apr

Did you know that Maná is going to be here in concert this coming May 4?  I’m very excited about this… especially in light of SB1070, many Mexican bands don’t want to come here (imagine that).

Of course I have my tickets already. They are “on the floor” and are pretty good seats. Yes, I’m mortgaging my future, thank you very much.

Btw,  I’m still waiting for Café Tacvba to show up in our neck of the woods. It has been too long. I saw their last show at Celebrity Theatre with an old flame and a friend of his (and his wife). We had the best time. Café Tacvba puts on a really good show. They have a lot of energy. And they did a documentary a few years ago called “Seguir Siendo.” I haven’t seen it yet but I hope to soon.

Manu Chao was here last year, he did a free concert in downtown Phoenix that was very indie, it was in a parking lot. The sound system was amazing and if you have ever seen him and his band perform, you know what a great dancer he is. And his music flows very well. From raggae to rock to…I don’t know what. He is very very talented. You must acquire his CD ‘Radiolina.’ His music is about politics and human rights. I can totally relate to it.

I did see Maná once before, I think they opened for Metallica (or was it Aerosmith?) many years back.  I had an extra ticket and took someone I probably shouldn’t have been spending time with. You know, sometimes we spend time with someone even though they aren’t good with us vs. being alone. Sometimes it can be scary being alone (can any of you ladies out there relate to this?) and we don’t always make “good” choices.

I’m watching Rachel Maddow while I’m typing this out, so if there are errors, I’m sorry. I’m a little caught up in her brilliance. She has been doing a book tour recently in California, I wish I could have seen her. I still need to buy a copy of her book about the war on Afganistan, Drift. Even if you don’t agree with her politics, you should buy the book. She is so smart. Much like our current President. I sure hope he is re-elected.

Okay, enough politics and music for today.

On Monday I was coming down (and so was Jack) from having filed (and in my case paid) our taxes. He didn’t feel like cooking so we went to Venezia’s pizza in Tempe. They have some of the best pie out there. And I have eaten a lot of pizza. We shared a large sausage pizza with a dozen hot wings. Their wings have a good amount of vinegar tang and heat. The crust of their pizza is crispy and they do not use too much cheese. Quality toppings… and root beer. We will be back (and you can buy by the slice).

This morning I was disappointed that my favorite credit union wasn’t open until 9:00 (that’s why I’m blogging now) so I decided to come home and have some good toast, with a new marmalade. This is awesome stuff.

James Kellier and Son 3 Fruits Marmalade. The tartest marmalade the kitchen wench has tried.  Lemon, orange and grapefruits.

You must get this. I know I say this a lot, but for $3, you can trust me and go buy it. If you don’t like it, I will buy it from you (as long as half of the jar is still left).

I got mine at Fresh & Easy. You might also find it at AJ’s Fine Foods.


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