Original Pancake House, TeHaru Sushi, Distrito and what’s new in Barbara’s garden

16 Apr

I have been wanting to try the apple pancake at The Original Pancake House for many years now, but until this weekend it had been just an illusion. I highly recommend you get down there now for an apple pancake. It is kind of a flan vs. apple pie vs. gallette meets pancake. The apples are perfectly baked onto the pancake and there is a flan inside. You will also find crispy edges and a carmelized sugar/cinnamon that runs through it all. Delicious.

They have  lacy Swedish pancakes with lingonberries that I must try next time and also a bacon waffle. They put bacon inside the waffle. That can’t be bad.

68th St./Camelback


I need to mention this is the junior version of the apple pancake. And I still have half left for breakfast this morning. Jack enjoyed two eggs, pancakes (very fluffy) and sausage.

As you can imagine, we left quite full and needed to walk it off. So we parked near the Herb Box (Stetson and Scottsdale Roads) to enjoy the outdoor market. It’s been going on for months now, people selling jewelry, wooden boxes, homemade pasta, cheese boards made out of marble, fused glass, soap, spices, healing teas and all kinds of stuff we think we don’t need. But maybe we do.

We got away from the market with just a few spice rubs since Jack believes a lot in the marinating/rubbing process for meat. And that’s just fine with me. Just look what he made last night.

Oops. This obviously isn’t what he made last night, but instead some hollyhocks from his former neighbor and friend Barbara’s garden. She has some beautiful irises blooming right now. Lookie lookie.

Okay. That’s not an iris (obviously). That’s my lunch today that Jack made last night. Lamb ribs (marinated with rosemary from Barbara’s garden, olive oil and herbs de Provence salt we picked up yesterday at Sur Le Table). They also have a smoked Spanish paprika that I must buy the next time I am in their neck of the woods. It is good for lentils and stuffed piquillo peppers. The jar of peppers is in Jack’s pantry and it is speaking to us, “make us…make us…”

Okay, here is the iris.

And some peppers…also from Barbara’s garden. Thanks to her largesse, we took home some peppers, grapefruit and cherry tomatoes. There is the promise of figs in the future – maybe in a months time. The ones we picked off her tree last year were delicious. I had never tried fresh figs before. Now all I can say is, she’s better pick the ones she wants before I get there next time.


This picture is from the inside of Distrito, a Mexican restaurant in Old Town. We shared a shrimp ceviche there yesterday for lunch, along with a couple of Tecates. Unfortunately, we were more impressed with the dectorations than the food. The shrimp were minimally seasoned in a cocktail sauce (vs. clamato and whatever else is usually used to make ceviche)… and it needed a lot more cilantro. They could have also used a sprinkling of onion and cucumber. On their menu I also spied Mexican sandwiches and costillas (ribs)…so maybe even though we wern’t impressed on our first visit, the menu might draw us back. They get one more chance, I think. They are doing a lucha libre (Mexican wrestling) on May 5, in case you or anyone you know is interested. There is a special menu but it looked a little pricy for our taste.

On Saturday night we had been to TeHaru Sushi in Tempe, where they have the little conveyor belts and you just pull off your selection, then they count your plates at the end of the meal to add up your tab. We enjoyed california rolls, tempura rolls, edamame, goyoza and hot tea for me, a beer for Jack.

This place is quite fun, and you can see the chefs making sushi right in front of you. Very reasonable too. Dinner (with all we were able to put away) was $18.00.


After dinner (since sushi is light…right?) we went to AZ Mills Mall and bought a new grill pan, and caramel apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Yummy yum yum.


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