Maizie’s Saturday brunch, Lunch at The Parlor, recovery at Hazelwood’s First Place and CT repeals the death penalty

14 Apr

My inbox tonight had this message from Maizie’s:

Saturday Brunch
Served till 2pm 

With country sausage gravy,
breakfast taters,
2 eggs any style


Slow roasted pork verde with
refried white beans,
refried cheddar & cotija cheeses.
Served on two white corn tortillas
with avocado salsa & two eggs any style

Check out Jane’s new, outstanding new brunch drinks,
$3 Bloody Mary & Mimosa
$15 Make your own Mimosa

Oh boy. I might have to make an exception and start spending part of my weekends in Phoenix.

Today I lunched at The Parlor with Linda, her son Adam (a very sweet guy I might add) and my Dad.

Did you know that The Parlor used to be Salon de Venus? My Mom used to have her hair done there.

If you are into cool architecture btw, you should bookmark this website.

Occasionally on this website you will find a condo for sale at The Boardwalk, which is just down the street from where I live (36th St. between Campbell and Indian School Roads). I have been yenning to buy (afford) one of the units in this complex, ironically just after my “deal” was finalized.


Also you might see a unit for sale at Three Fountains (on 40th St. near Postino) and the architecture at this complex is pretty neat.

I digress.

We shared a sausage pizza, while Linda enjoyed a burger with provolone on a bun that looked homemade. I think Adam had the pasta with speck, which looked delicious. I might have to try that next time. We shared lamb meatballs, fried squid and a Parlor salad. And I finished a couple (ahem) glasses of a very tasty Spanish red. I think we had chartreuse green too.

Now I’m paying for it. Just a little.

When you wake up from a nap and walk sideways, maybe you’ve had too much of a good thing.

Tonight I’m coating my tummy with wings from Hazelwood’s.

They are very good for these times.

I would like to add that I am happy tonight that the state of CT has repealed the death penalty. I wasn’t aware until recently that it had been applied unfairly to different races. Kind of like how people who used crack were prosecuted more than people who used cocaine.

Thanks to one of my favorite journalists for reporting on this.

Talk amongst yourselves.

Additionally tonight, I’m considering the idea that I might need a new (and fancy) toaster after reading this post in the Phoenix New Times food blog Chow Bella.

I remember seeing this toaster when it first exposed itself (haha) at Williams Sonoma. It was cost prohibitive then, and remains so. But, it would be really cool to have one.

But, with a fancy new toaster I would have to graduate to a new espresso machine. Consumerism never ends.

My little Toastmaster will have to keep doing it’s job, I think.

This is where I was going to put a disclosure about where the toaster came from (who it came from). But then that would require a long discourse that might embarrass the kitchen wench, and another good/great/super intelligent person. So I will just say, you know who you are…thank you for this toaster.


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