Lunch courtesy of Fresh & Easy’s applewood bacon, new snack tray

14 Apr

My Mom was telling me today that she’d picked up a package of applewood bacon from Fresh & Easy just the other day and that it was really good. My Mom makes an awesome BLT. Even better than IHOP.

And bacon is serious stuff. If it isn’t good, then why bother. I mean, we are talking calories, people.

I was thinking I would also make a blt today, but then I remembered I was out of all of the ingredients, except the bread…so I made a quick decision to make peas with bacon instead.

This is a wonderful dish. You just brown your bacon – at least two pieces… and throw your peas in (a whole can). Let them simmer for 3 minutes covered. That’s pretty easy, right?

(And then you don’t have to buy new mayo, tomatoes and lettuce).

Also at Fresh & Easy today I replenished my snack tray. I haven’t done so in a long time. Mostly since I don’t spend much time at home. But it’s good to have some treats around. Especially on days like today, when it is windy/chilly…I feel like snacks. So…clockwise: pistachios, fita crackers (like Ritz), a banana, chocolate/hazelnut spread (in the little packets), a Yorkie and salt & vinegar chips.

That should hold me until 4:00, when Jack said to show up so we can go get Japanese food. Sounds good to me!

Fresh & Easy also has little beautiful round sourdough loaves (“boule”) for (wait for it…) 98 cents! That’s almost free.

There is a lot of surface crust which I like, and it goes perfectly with peas and bacon.

Then I made a little tomato salad (I couldn’t help it the grape tomatoes looked so good) with some fresh basil, olive oil and kosher salt.

Giada DiLaurentis would have approved.

Happy snacking.


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