Great abs, The Dream Act, Tex Mex and Sundance channel show

12 Apr

My workmate told me today that I have great abs (abdominals = tummy). This is  a great thing for my ego. I told her that I do have jiggly bits, however…she asked how I knew this and I told her I saw my thighs jiggling this morning.

So much for the stairmaster.

(these are not my abs.  courtesy of

My friend and soulmate Rob Adams is being released from Wateree Prison in South Carolina on June 29. I am very excited about this! There will be a “coming out party” for him, in a sense (Rob you know that I say this in the spirit of humor and that I love you).

Rob will be my new partner in crime (when he is able to travel to AZ) for pedicures, and wine experiences at Postino, The Parlor and Windsor. He has been “inside” for the last 14 years (gasp) so that means he’s basically missed out on the internet, cell phones and social networking. A lot of catching up to do in his near future.

Rob aspires to remodel kitchens and bathrooms in the Greenville, SC area (and surrounding area) and he is also writing a novel about his experiences pre and during prison. I suspect he will be a guest on Anderson Cooper very soon (and since I am his agent, aka girl friday, I will be in the green room there, eating swedish fish, bagels and drinking espresso).

Did you know that Romney is anti-The Dream Act? Please keep this in mind when you go to the polls this coming November. We have a lot of young people in this country, who were brought by their parents. Now they are educated and would like to contribute to our economy, but they can’t (except under the table) because they don’t have social security numbers. So please consider this if you are a Republican. The future workers of our country are here, now.

Jack and I saw a documentary on Netflix recently, called Tex Mex. It gives references mainly to our borders, the disparities in income, the border music, and border culture. You must see this. Although it is a bit dated, I highly recommend it.

I’m a pretty evolved gal (or at least I think so) and last night we were watching a program on Sundance that had to do with a new age guy who lives in Sedona who does “sexual awareness healing.” He has multiple lovers.  Jack and I both were like, “wow, really…this guy believes his own bs.” I don’t have a problem with people who choose poly amorous lives, but this guy has a rationale for it that is totally mind blowing.

View at your own risk!


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