Overfull at Chompie’s, spaghetti & meatballs

11 Apr

We overdosed at Chompie’s last night. The intention was to go and have dinner – a reasonable sized portion…but at Chompie’s, that can be hard to do. Btw they have specials 3-4 nights of the week. Last night’s special was all you can eat sliders for $11.99. Their sliders have bbq brisket or regular brisket (jewish sliders) with mashed potatoes. Their regular portion comes with three. Jack said he saw some that had been ordered at another table (we live vicariously through other people’s food) and said they are substantial. So I’m not sure I could put away more than three. On Thursday nights they have 2 for 1 hamburgers that must be massive, I suggested to Jack we go there on a Thursday and share one…then take one for lunch (mine) the next day. Notice how dinner always becomes lunch for the kitchen wench.

We started dinner with matzo ball soup. An enormous matzo ball with chicken broth and noodles that asked to be slurped. A pretty tasty soup that included carrots, celery and onions. I really enjoy veggies in a soup. And they also give you a couple of bagel chips, which I like. After the soup (which we shared) we attempted to mow through a couple of hot dogs. Kosher for me (with the seasoned salt, deli mustard, pickles, relish, onions and tomatoes) and a coney island for Jack (sourkraut, relish and onions). We could have shared one but I suspect he wanted his fries and I wanted my coleslaw, so that’s how it turned out.

They have delicoius dogs at Chompies. But, they are big. So, go hungry.

Also afterwards you can stop at their dessert/to go counter and pick up…

a big slice of coffee cake! I am a big fan of breakfast sweets so when I saw this enormous slice for $2, I was sold (surprise). Jack got some bagels to go (everything) and I sent him off to work today with one toasted/marmaladed and wrapped in foil. We are happy breakfast campers.

The night before Jack made spaghetti and meatballs. It is always delicious the night he makes it. But…even more so the next day at lunch. It must have to do with the marinating and all.

An enormous portion, I know. This much could have fed three people. In my defense I tried to share it with my workmate Linda, but she declined. I couldn’t let it go to waste, now…could I?

I’m pretty sure this is destined to become beef stroganoff one of these next few nights. Jack and I were watching Iron Chef a few nights back and it was “challenge canned tuna.” I didn’t know you could do so much with canned tuna (surprise). One of the dishes that looked good to me was a tuna casserole, which reminded me that we have egg noodles in the pantry (see how the power of suggestion works with the kitchen wench) and I mentioned to Jack how I think we would really enjoy beef stroganoff. I will let you know how it turns out.


Yesterday’s breakfast (notice a breakfast theme here?) was an apple turnover that Jack picked up for the kitchen wench at Alberton’s. I was a little jealous that I didn’t get to partake of my Mom’s cinnamon rolls that she made the day after Easter (I was working…and rumor has it that my Dad, Mom and brother ate the whole pan pretty quickly). Her cinnamon rolls are the best. She usually adds raisins, cinnamon and nuts. Sometimes she will do a vanilla icing with lemon zest. I know. My Mom is the resident baker in our family. I aspire to bake as she does. In the absence of my Mom’s cinnamon rolls, I had this nice turnover with vanilla icing.

This morning I’m putting off the coffee and sticking with water. I’m still full from Chompie’s last night.

I was spying our snack tray yesterday morning. There is a latte flavored chocolate bar (Green & Blacks), some jumbo Keebler chocolate covered wafer bars, tamarind candy (2 kinds), cough drops, fresh tamarind, zig zag (how did that get in there?), nut tea, a strawberry pop tart… and some tired peanuts and green tea pumpkin seeds. (I’m going to get rid of those last two when Jack isn’t looking) Still not sure what the phone charger is doing here, but I’m just a guest in this house.

As long as the tray is full, I’m not complaining.


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