Easter Weekend in Flagstaff: where to shop, eat and stay

9 Apr

This weekend we were up in the piney woods in Flagstaff. Originally we were going to stay in Willams, but then Jack said, “Isn’t there more to do in Flagstaff?” I had to agree.

We found a great place to stay.  Inn Suites of Aspen, off of Route 66.

$65/night including tax is a great price, I think (less five bucks if you have AAA). For this price you get free breakfast (waffles, eggs, toast, milk, juice, cereal, sausage, coffee, oatmeal) and a social hour with two free drinks. My Dad pointed out that four drinks and breakfast somewhere might have cost us $65.00 alone, so you can see what a deal this is. Get a room there…now!


One of the neat things to do near Flagstaff is visit Meteor Crater.

To see this big hole in the ground for some reason is more meaningful as an adult than when I was six. I guess understanding the concept of 2.5 miles in circumference helps. Not that I’m a math whiz now…


The other things we wanted to do, since Jack is into star gazing, is go to Lowell Observatory.


Unfortunately they were closed yesterday (on Easter Sunday, imagine that!) so that will have to wait for another trip to Flagstaff. We’re kind of planning it already…since there are so many good places to eat and shop, such as…

Animas Trading which is a local Cost Plus like store…they have beautiful skirts/saris, just look at my new sari. Turquoise is one of my favorite colors, and at $29.95 I thought the price was right.

It is quite long so I think it can be used not only as a wrap around skirt but as a dress also. The kitchen wench likes things with multiple uses.

Nearby we shopped at PJ Chilcottage where you can find homemade soap, cute aprons (if you like to wear one when you cook), fancy lotions, wacky buttons and cute clothes. We opted for soap. If you buy the end pices, they are half price ($3/pound vs. $6/pound).

For dinner, we did a bit of searching to find just the right place. The winner was Criollo, which serves superior Latin food. Jack enjoyed paella and I ordered ropa vieja, a lean stringy beef that arrived with flour tortillas, Spanish rice and pinto beans. I ate every bite, and so did Jack. Their sangria is killer (I had two) and Jack approved of his long island iced tea. We will be going back to explore the rest of their menu which includes escabeche (kind of like ceviche) chicken tortilla soup, roasted mushroom burrito, patacon, sandwich cubano, and pork pilbil. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Dessert included a stop at Flagstaff Chocolate Company. Much to my happiness, they have caramel apples with nuts, and white chocolate dipped red vines. We also bought a locally made mustard which I am very excited to try during one of our next dining experiences.

Last Friday Jack made fried fish (tilapia) with a lemon sauce. Alongside were veggies (snow peas and asparragus) over white rice. We also enjoyed fish cakes which were the best I have ever tried.

And yesterday we had brunch at Great Wall: bbq pork, Cantonese noodles, white rice and shrimp cooked with garlic and peppers. The Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce didn’t show up however so we were disappointed about the lack of greens…but Jack made up for it last night. He stir fried some of the leftover bbq pork with show peas (leftovers destined for the kitchen wench’s lunch today, as you would expect).

At Ranch 99 Market (next door to Great Wall) we spied frozen rabbit, which we have been wanting to make for awhile now. But, the price isn’t right. About $30.00 for 1 rabbit. I think that’s a little pricy. Do you know where I can get one for less? Please let me know if you have a place you can recommend.


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