Kite Runner, cherry jello (with fruit cocktail), statue of limitations on leftovers, the value of education and homemade pasta from Decio (in Tempe)

4 Apr

Jack and I were at an outdoor market at Southbridge (right next to the Herb Box on Stetson and Scottsdale Road) a month or so ago, when we spied Decio pasta. These guys make different flavors and shapes. One of the bags Jack bought was a tomato/spinach/garlic penne. Boy, is this good! We also grabbed a spinach basil spaghetti and a lemon pepper spaghetti. These cook quicker than your traditional pastas and are really flavorful. Worth the $7/lb price tag. Jack made penne with shrimp and olive oil/butter a couple of nights ago and the leftovers showed up for the kitchen wench’s lunch yesterday (surprise). I enjoyed every bite.

I’m not sure what the statute of limitations is on leftovers. Chinese food, specifically. A week? Longer? I think I might be pushing it with leftovers from Autumn Court (lunch last week while convalescing) but I needed a feed tonight. So, I’m going for it.  Earlier today I had organized a prison break for my Dad and Linda at North. After two glasses of cabernet and an anisette I’m feeling a little dehydrated. Usually a few big glasses of water and a feed take care of this. I quite enjoyed the cabernet, it was the first time I had tried it…quickly becoming a fan.

I’m hoping to try their bucatini next time in tomato sauce. With meatballs. Yum yum. Here’s the menu if you want to plan your next meal. I do this a lot.

Typically I can sleep through dehydration, but not tonight. So what’s a noctural kitchen wench to do at 3:12 am? Make jello!

Specifically, cherry jello with fruit cocktail.

We’re having a potluck at work tomorrow.

Hopefully this batch turns out. I don’t think I mentioned I put my boss’s stapler in jello a couple of weeks back and the jello didn’t set (I did this twice actually in the spirit of full disclosure). So twice I had jello soup with bananas and a stapler (wrapped in cellophane so anyone who wanted some jello could still eat it). One of my coworkers suggested I put some vodka in it so we could have jello shooters (except that might have gotten us fired so I decided…not).

Thankfully jello soup is not difficult to remove from tupperware, you just let it melt…it becomes liquid-like and you just soak it in hot water and soap. I think it all came off of my boss’s stapler.

So far what I’ve gotten out of education (the most valuable part I think at least) is the ability to type fast (this has landed me a lot of jobs), becoming bilingual (ditto) and slowly, the ability to judge others less. I took a class called diversity something and I remember reading in one of our textbooks that we judge others in the first 5 seconds that we see them. That’s pretty quick to judge.

Have any of you seen Kite Runner yet? I heard the movie was pretty good. My Mom loaned me the book (her brother gave her a copy) and I just started it. So far it’s the story of two young friends from different social classes in Pakistan (or is it Afganistan)?

I find other cultures interesting, specifically middle eastern cultures. I guess because I know so little about them.

I really want to go to Turkey. Their sandwiches look delicious. And Turkish coffee. Can we talk?

Finally I’m making some progress in reading La Alianza del Converso (The Convert’s Ring). I’m at the middle part of the book and there is a pretty sexy love scene between Lorena and her husband Mauricio. I knew if I held out I would get to the good stuff! I want to send a copy to my sis-in-law but I haven’t found an English version yet.


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