Cooking rabbit, postponing Easter, March party, Chompie’s, Urban Cookies happy hour and chicken in a pot

2 Apr

On Saturday, Jack wanted to get a sandwich for lunch. My first thought was we should go to DeFalco’s Deli, but the last time we went there we ended up at the Chinese restaurant across the street, because DeFalco’s had a long line, almost going out the door. Well…that didn’t deter us from having lunch at Chompie’s yesterday. I had forgotten it was so close to Jack’s…and he was craving pastrami, so we put our name on the list, and waited.

Lunch was so worth the wait.

Did you know that Chompie’s has a full bar? They make bloody marys, tequila sunrises and other eye openers. This is good to know. And if you ask they will add fresh horseradish to your bloody mary (note to self for next visit). My bloody mary was perfectly peppered, with three pimento stuffed olives and a large celery stick. Yes, yes.

And they sell Hamentachen.

This is my favorite apricot cookie. My brother and sis-in law might convert me yet.

We shared a mountain of onion rings (best I’ve tried lately) and Jack shared his half pastrami on rye with me since it was just filled to the brim with lean and tender pastrami. I had ordered the Israeli salad with couscous and although the lettuce and other veggies were very fresh, I would have preferred it with a baby spinach base vs. hearts of romaine. But I’m not the chef at Chompie’s…however, I am Jack’s sous chef. Or saucier.

Speaking of chef Jack, he made chicken in a pot last night. This is comfort food, people.

You simmer your chicken for about an hour (or until done) and then cut it up and serve it with cilantro sprigs and cucumber slices. Jack also made rice with the broth from the chicken and then after that made an aromatic soup with the broth with rice and cilantro that was so delicious. I called it a “healing soup” since the cilantro was so pronounced and it worked on my sinuses, which have been suffering since a recent diagnosis of sinusitis (exacerbated by allergies I suspect).

Do you have a sweet tooth? It came to the kitchen wench’s attention today that Urban Cookies has happy hour mondays from 3-6:00 pm and you can get half priced cookies. Half price!

(picture courtesy of Urban Cookies)

And they also have some special cupcakes right now for Easter, like Chocolate Birds Nest and Coconut Cottontail.

The Hamilton’s have decided to postpone our annual Easter dinner this year, due to our annual March Party celebration yesterday. I mean, we can’t eat grilled New York steaks one weekend and then Honeybaked Ham the next? We are usually big holiday meal planners, but Easter got away from us this year…which is okay, because the Hamilton clan is not uber religious (except for my bro and sis in law) so we don’t mind celebrating on a different day of the year. Rumor has it that Easter is now posponed to the last weekend in April.

Speaking of Easter, Jack and I were at Mekong Plaza on Saturday to buy rice (he was out of jasmine rice, and getting nervous) when we spied frozen rabbits.

Yes! I have been talking about making rabbit with Jack for several months now and we just didn’t know where to get one. Well…I wasn’t too keen on the ones we saw at Mekong, unfortunately they had freezer burn, so we may have go to over to Ranch 99 on 44th St./Van Buren to see if the quality is better over there.

I have been suggesting we fry the rabbit or braise it with mushrooms (maybe we need a pressure cooker for this?) but Jack said we could grill it. Sounds good to the kitchen wench.

Happy Easter, everyone!



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