Breakfast at Bosa, self-actualization, Monterey, a sick mouse, Drift and goodbye Cha_se!

29 Mar

Not only has the kitchen wench been sick off and on the past month, my mouse has been sick. So I’ve called in the cavalry…my brother Mike. He is godlike in the IT sense, he understands computer hardware, can install software and helps me when my computer is coughing. My mouse has been “sticking” a lot, so Mike will be over at some point this week to fix it.

This morning I was walking outside, there was a nip in the air…and I found myself feeling self-actualized.

I think self-actualization can be a dangerous thing, because of the “self.” We live in a me society and the kitchen wench is no exception.  I like stuff. I like to spend.

Speaking of spending, I’m hoping to meet my bro Ken in Monterey this coming June for his public defender DUI conference. There is a hotel on the beach that he recommended, Best Western Plus Beach Resort Monterey. I looked at their website and I am excited. There is a dark beer and fried sandabs in the kitchen wench’s future (and Jack’s) at Lulu’s on the pier.

Finances continued…this month I was able to ditch Cha_se and transfer my accounts to a local bank. I am really glad about this, since I’ve been wanting to do this for a couple of years now. Cha_se was charging me $35 in checking fees each month, and I just couldn’t wrap my mind around this, in the end. And it’s important to go local.  Now the kitchen wench can afford a smartphone (gasp) with a data plan so I can…blog more often?

Rachel Maddow’s new book is at bookstores now. Drift. Get your copy now! I am getting mine, hopefully this weekend at Changing Hands.

The kitchen wench’s contribution to our local economy today was at Bosa. I just love this place. Breakfast is served.



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