Autumn Court, new Bodum coffee mugs and another Z-pack

29 Mar

Today I left work early since the kitchen wench has been under the weather. I had a day off last week also. It’s hard to miss so much work. It takes a toll on your performance, especially working in an industry that depends on your being there (on the phone) to make payment arrangements. So I’m a little behind this month.

A second stop at Doctor’s Express was needed for a Z-pack. Diagnosis: sinusitis.  At first I thought, what a bs diagnosis…then I started reading, it’s actually a sinus infection…so I have been sick after all.


My brother gifted me some new coffee mugs recently. No particular reason (except I suspect he thought I needed them since mine are…mismatched?) and just a super thoughtful thing to do. You can get yours at for $10. Quite a deal.

When I was a girl and my Mom would take me to the dentist, typically afterwards we would stop at 7-11 for a Slurpee (cola flavor). She always placated this need of mine. So…after today’s doctor visit (since I am more grown up now and have grown up needs and was hungry) I stopped for a to-go order at Autumn Court. I might be making this up, but I think the cousin of the former China Doll owner runs the place. The Hong-Kong style chow mein tastes suspiciously close to the Cantonese style chow mein that I used to get religiously at China Doll. Much to my happiness and surprise. And it’s about 500 feet from where I live (okay a quarter mile) which is nice. And they serve booze! Well, not booze booze, but wine and beer, which is very very good to know, in a pinch (ahem).

I wonder if they make a mock mai-tai. There used to be a restaurant/bar in Lake Havasu City that made mocktails – I think they were made with wine. They tasted pretty good, but we were young, and less discriminating then. Now I want the real thing in my mai-tai. Grenadine, pineapple juice and dark rum, please! With a maraschino cherry.

Do any of you remember Vacation Village in San Diego? Back in the day (before the 21 drinking age law went into affect) I used to fetch mai-tais there for my folks while they basked in the sun. I was too young (and naive) to know how good they were with booze at the time, so I ordered mine virgin. Once or twice I think mine came with booze in it. Can you believe it? Things like this used to happen that wouldn’t occur today. We’re quite regulated.

No more 3 martini lunches. I’ve never actually had a martini lunch. This means I must be quite young.

I digress.

The kitchen wench also selected a veggie dish, in an effort to maintain the girlish figure. Broccoli with assorted mushrooms.

Leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch. And tonight’s snack.





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