Camper sandals, On the Border, South Mountain Nutrition, Dim sum at Mekong Palace and Jack’s magic ribs

26 Mar

Lookie lookie! A new pair of red Camper sandals. For spring.

Yes, the kitchen wench is a self admitted shoe whore, but at least I don’t have many other vices (ahem).

This weekend, still convalescing, Jack and I managed to get out a few times to eat…and he also cooked. Magic ribs. The ribs are a cross between baby back and country ribs, with just the right amount of meat. He used some Chinese five spice, and grilled them on his little outdoor propane Coleman grill.

On the side we had white rice, and he stir-fried cabbage with some of the meat from the ribs.

Can you guess what is in the kitchen wench’s lunch today? Yes, I know… I’m a spoiler.

We had dinner on his cute patio that overlooks a Tempe residential neighborhood. It’s a neat spot, hear Hancock and Scottsdale Road. If I didn’t already have digs in Central Phoenix, I would get a pad here.

On Friday night we ventured out to a little Vietnamese restaurant at Rural/University (just east of the Thai restaurant on the south east corner)  in a little strip mall that also has an Indian restaurant, a Greek restaurant, an Indian market, a smoke shop, a hookah lounge and other delights (there is much exploring to do). We both had Pho, a Vietnamese rice noodle soup that has meatballs, tripe, tendon, roast beef that comes along with aromatic herbs like cilantro and Thai basil. You put a little chili sauce in your soup to warm it up, and in an instant you are sweating bullets. In our case, sweating out the bad germs. We felt better for it. They also have Thai-style iced tea with boba (those little black tapioca balls) which I really like. The next time we go I will get their card so I can give you the name and proper address.

Our attempts at getting well this weekend continued with a stop on Saturday at South Mountain Nutrition (4302 E. Ray Rd. #106 in Phoenix). Jack’s customer recommended it and we were comped an aloe shot, a flavored iced tea (peach for me) and a meal replacement drink (cafe late for me). It is designed to be a place where you can go and get a quick pick me up. The products are Herbalife based. Typically I’m dubious about supplements, but I really liked the place, and the drinks. I would go back. Our company included active folks who golfed and did other sports. The atmosphere feels a bit like Cheers, people know each other and are very friendly.

On the Border is just a few blocks from South Mountain Nutrition in Ahwatukee,  we went there for lunch before our meal supplements (not sure we did this in the right order, but there you go). We shared a fajita combo with carnitas, grilled chicken, grilled steak and shrimp. A nice combination that included rice (passable) and black beans that were very tasty with a good amount of cumin. Although margaritas spoke to us, we opted for iced tea since we were still recovering from colds (maybe the alcohol would have done us good now that I think of it). All in all a tasty meal, especially the tender carnitas. You should check it out.

Yesterday we had the bright idea of going to Dim sum at Mekong Palace followed by a movie (Jack wanted to see The Hunger Games After dim sum we didn’t have the energy for the movie, it became apparent as we passed the movie theatre (just a glance between us was all it took) that we wern’t up for it (still convalescing). But lunch was great, as usual. We had our regulars, Cantonese noodles, roasted duck, white rice, shrimp dumplings (2 different kinds) and Chinese broccoli. Leftovers for dinner tonight, along with samosas from the little Indian market that we visited before our Pho on Friday.

I’ll let you know next post how these came out and if we would buy them again.

Mmmm. Samosas.


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