Menu for a sickie, stapler jello, Acacia Cafe and Chino Barber Shop

22 Mar

My boss went to Las Vegas last weekend and we were all thinking the plan was that he would come back married. So when he came back I asked, “do I call you Mr. so and so now?” He said nope, so it sounds like it was just a gambling weekend, sans the wedding.

And we all know how much fun a weekend gambling in Vegas can be. I need a trip to Vegas again.

Jack’s brother in law and sister have a low-rider (hydraulics are being installed presently) and they want to go to a low rider show in Vegas later this year. They asked if we were interested.

Yeah, man! I’m excited about this.

October 14. Be there!

(It helps if you can “lean like a cholo.”)

Speaking of leaning like a cholo (or chola in my case since I am an honorary chola), one of my coworkers (Villa) has the most beautiful eye makeup I have ever seen. I asked if she could do a chola makeover for me and she agreed…but I told Jack about it and it scared him I think…so I won’t be doing the chola makeover anytime soon. Unless he goes out of town for a week. Then you might spot me at Postino’s with this look.

As far as Las Vegas goes…hopefully we can stay at the Riviera again…we went there last year and swam in their big salt water pool during a “pool party” of sorts where there was a dance contest that included dishy people and little people (midget wrestlers). The Rivera is also cool because they have fun shows like Paul Rodriguez (see us with him below) and there are several ethnic restaurants on the premises like Salsa, an Indian restaurant and some other places where you can get your eats on…if you are feeling lazy and you don’t want to walk down the strip.

By the way, I’m not too in love with the strip these days. I mean, what’s with all of the barricades? Were they placed there because people were, maybe…getting drunk (since you can drink open containers on the strip – at least I think you can, um…er…I might have before) and falling in the street? Anyways, I’m staying away from the strip next time, unless there is a promised feed at a really good restaurant that would require me to walk my buns off. That’s what these barricades do, you can’t just walk on the sidewalk, they keep you cordoned in with the casinos, in an attempt for them to make even more money. Like they don’t make enough. Irritating!

The kitchen wench is a sickie today, with coughing and scratchy throat (thanks, Jack) so I’m eating healthy. Well, kinda. This is lunch. Chinese broccoli and chicken, that Jack made last night.

I had bought some pop tarts at Food City since they were on sale, so for breakfast I’m having one of those with some coffee and a half of a banana (and a Theraflu).

The other half went into the stapler jello that I made for my boss last night at the behest of a fellow employee (don’t worry Will, I’m not going to throw you under the bus – ha!).

The day before yesterday I didn’t have lunch prepared for me (since Jack has been sick he got the night off from cooking) so I grabbed a market salad with chicken (greens, pears, dried cranberries, candied pecans and citrus dressing) from Acacia Cafe on 37th St./Indian School. You must go. They have beautiful salads (see picture), sandwiches and breakfast.

They also have homemade scones with cranberries and lemon zest. The best scones I ever tried. And V-8. I am so there again next week for another salad. A spinach salad, I think. I mean, bacon dressing!

At 36th St./Thomas there is a new barber…Chino Barber Shop (apparently he also buys gold as well as cuts your hair) .

I’m posting this picture as a courtesy to my friend Jose in Vitoria, Spain. He is crazy (loco) for Chinese Food (comida china) so I thought this would make him smile.

¡Para ti, Jose!


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