Meat/cheese board from Windsor and Mama Java Costa Rica coffee

21 Mar

Yesterday I stopped at Mama Java to get coffee and I smelled what I thought was Ethiopian…then the owner told me that it was Vienna Roast and he just hadn’t labeled it yet (I like this full disclosure). He said I should try the Costa Rica so I bought a pound (whole beans) and made it today in my little espresso machine that after a couple of years is still doing fine (thanks to a cleaning with water and white vinegar about every 6 months).  I brewed two shots and poured the finished product into a mug with an equal portion of whole milk (2% works too) and I’m enjoying it. It is very earthy, not too strong and I’m thinking I might brew it a little stronger next time. It’s great with whole wheat toast and fig jam (this morning’s breakfast).

We (Dad, Linda and one of our friends from work) went to Windsor last night (on Central) and shared a meat/cheese board that was tasty, with salami, some other cured meats, a yellow cheese, a white spreadable cheese (I don’t eat cheese so I can’t tell you what types of cheeses were there), lahvosh, toasted bread, assorted nuts, cornichons and other assorted pickled veg…but it was not as abundant as the board that I remembered at North. But, they have a Guiness-like beer on tap which worked fine for me (x 2) and Dad ordered a couple of gin & tonics. Linda is a Stella girl and our workmate was drinking some type of red, I’m not sure what it was called, but I don’t discriminate against reds typically. She told us a story about Charles Shaw – the winery that sells inexpensive wine at Trader Joe’s. Apparently, Charles was going through a nasty divorce and he said (to spite his ex) that he wouldn’t sell his wine for more than so much a bottle, and they have sold many bottles…so while his ex probably doesn’t have to lift any fingers in life to support herself, she doesn’t have as large of a check every month as she would if his wine were to sell at a higher price, which it could. Way to get back at the ex!

I actually don’t advocate getting back at any exes, I think it is bad karma and gives you wrinkles.


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