Mike’s birthday feast and Five Guys

19 Mar

There had been rumblings of a dinner to include corned beef, cabbage and potatoes…and then it was canceled (due to work schedules) but it re-materialized yesterday for my brother Mike’s birthday. I am always glad when a relative of mine has a birthday that includes food (and me).

In the spirit of Mike’s bd (and St. Patty’s Day), Jack prepared a major feast: corned beef, cabbage, boiled red and sweet potatoes (In the spirit of full disclosures I made those), chicken satay (I threaded the chicken on skewers so now I have curry fingernails), bbq ribs, fried plantains and sweet/russet potato latkes (I fried most of these but burned the last batch).


Leftovers went to Mike, my friend Jodi, and for the kitchen wench’s lunch today. What a spread!

Be still my heart (or should that be…my stomach).

On Saturday we sent to Five Guys on 44th St./Thomas for dinner and wow. http://www.fiveguys.com/

Great Kosher dogs and Cajun fries. And they have this cool soda machine that dispenses any type of soda you can imagine…different fruit varieties of Crush (or is that Fanta) that I didn’t know existed like, lime…and cherry Dr. Pepper and vanilla Coke (I knew about these but you don’t see them too often in restaurants). The dogs are pretty neat because they split them down the middle and then grill them, this way there is more brown space on your hog dog and as all cooks know, it’s good to be down with brown. I mean, browning = flavor. I had mine with everything which included lettuce, tomato, catsup, relish, pickles, onions, mushrooms (but I had trouble finding them), mayo and mustard. Yup, a good doggie.

The kitchen wench has to exercise given all of this good food…so this morning I found myself at the gym on the treadmill…and on tv was this show call Buzz (it appears to be VH1’s solution to a morning show). The host is a younger version of Nancy Grace (sorry Nancy I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have your brains though) that was wearing a royal blue tank dress with leather straps (is she a dominatrix part time?) and her guest was someone named Lala who appears to be the wife of a football/basketball player. She had on these red billowy pants that I’m not sure what were supposed to do for her figure. I suspect she was there to hawk her new makeup line, clothing line or some sort of self promotion. Meh.

Thankfully, Cafe Tacvba, The Pet Shop Boys, The Cure and Bebe were keeping me company via my Sansa, so I didn’t have to hear the words (phew).

One of the songs on my sansa is “Nine to Five” – it’s a version from the movie Office Space, which I think was just genius. Haven’t seen it? Rent it, borrow it, but see it now. Right now. Funny stuff. If you’ve ever worked in an office before, you will relate to something.

Anyways, I was listening to “Nine to Five” and one of the lines goes something like “you’re working really hard and putting money in the boss man’s wallet…” for some reason this resonated with me. Recently I was talking to a friend (and mentor) who asked what I was going to do with my degree. I was like…”I don’t know yet.” I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be in the classroom (it’s probably why I don’t have children). My idea of being a good teacher would be to give all of my students a Coke, a bag of popcorn and say, “Go and do a semester of independent study…and write a paper about it” (or more practical, do an internship and try to find out what you want to do in life since eventually you’ve got to support yourself and those you love).

My friend suggested that the kitchen wench might look into becoming a program director at a non-profit. Since I come with some business background she suggested it could be a good fit. Hmm…

I enjoy sales. I suspected I would enjoy selling cars (but maybe wouldn’t make a good living at it). I also enjoy collections, in the sense that I am helping people get their account resolved, often with a discount.

My friend Linda always says she doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up.

We’ve all probably heard the phrase, “do what you love and the money will follow.” I’m not sure I agree, but it sure helps that you like what you do because otherwise, why bother getting up?

The kitchen wench’s profound thought for Monday.


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