Cauliflower, Baskin Robbins Ice Cream cake, Kiwi gelato @ Gelato Spot, Irish cupcakes at Urban Cookies, steel cut oatmeal from Jamba Juice

17 Mar

I’m not sure if cauliflower is in season right now but Jack picked up a big fresh head of it this week and stir fried it with chicken. You must do this, people. And let your cauliflower get a little brown (carmelizing is tasty). The leftovers are very good. He also did a chicken fried rice (my Mom jokes with Jack that he never cooks anything one way i.e., in this case we had chicken two ways) with cilantro. His fried rice is magic. Yum, yum, yum.

Dad’s birthday was this week and we celebrated with cake at my Aunt’s, courtesy of my sis Fran and her bf Dominic. They picked up a strawberry ice cream and vanilla bar cake at Baskin Robbins on 40th St./Camelback for the occasion. It was so tasty. The icing was yellow, so for a moment I thought I was eating zabaione as it was melting.  Delicious. I brought a bottle of Zaca Mesa wine to go with dessert (although I don’t think it’s a dessert wine) that everyone also enjoyed.

Speaking of drinking, I really liked the grandmother character portrayed by the super-talented Cloris Leachman in Spanglish. Have you seen that movie? It’s very cute, you can probably get a used copy at Zia or on (Ebay’s solution to used textbooks, music and movies). Anyways, this grandmother character would have a large glass of chardonnay poured at 11:00 am, and she was happier for it. Good for her.

She probably knows something we don’t.

Speaking of drinking (I seem to be doing a lot of that in this post…you can tell it’s St. Patty’s Day today), you can get Irish cupcakes this weekend still at Urban Cookies. The frosting has whiskey in it, and that’s a good thing, as far as I can tell. And if they run out, you can always get a red velvet cupcake (get two). Not a bad thing either…

I’m always trying to organize a prison break (using this as a euphemism for daily routine) and last week was no exception. I called Dad to ask if he wanted to join me at Lolo’s (chicken & waffles) and he said yes…he gets snaps because he’s basically always game, even at the last minute when I text him at 7:00 and say “how about Lolo’s at 7:30?”

But, there was disappointment. Because Lolo’s doesn’t open until 9:00 am. I mean, the kitchen wench has to eat before 9:00 (especially because work starts at 10:00). Low blood sugar is not a pretty sight. So, Dad suggested Jamba Juice (next door to Lolo’s location at Thomas/Scottsdale Rd). They have, to our happiness, Belgian waffles (they are pre-made and they put them in a toaster to heat them up, but still, my Dad got his promised waffle…I made him drive 4 miles so I had to deliver). Not only does Jamba Juice have waffles, but they make steel cut oatmeal with bananas, much to the kitchen wench’s surprise and delight. Check it out:

They cook the oatmeal with soy milk which is usually something I eschew, but this time it worked. And I ordered a carrot/orange/banana juice too, which I suspect works well the day after (but I don’t know anything about that because the kitchen wench doesn’t overdo it anymore…yeah, right).

Jamba Juice also has some cool t-shirts, you should check them out. We also tried a sample of wheatgrass, at the behest of the manager on duty… and it was really delicious. I thought I would be saying “ugh” but it is acually tasty and reminded me of celery flavor.

Yesterday after checking the mail (and feeling more economically confidant) I stopped at Gelato Spot for a kiwi gelato shake (kiwi and chocolate with peanut butter are their flavors of the month). I was on a mission to get a chocolate gelato shake but when I tried the kiwi, I was hooked. It is very fruity, and not overly sweet. I’m going to have them make me a kiwi gelato birthday cake come November. In the meantime, this is a great way to enjoy it, especially on a hot day.

You will notice the shake is alongside the kitchen wench’s new purse. Thank you Fendi. Italian designers have a lot of style (and seem to be able to procure pretty green leather which is very appropriate for St. Patty’s Day).


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