Awkward moments, homemade granola at OverEasy, GoodGuys car show

14 Mar

Have you ever been two inches from one of your friends on Facebook and she doesn’t acknowledge your presence? Awkward moment! This happened to me today. I tried to pretend I didn’t notice, but I’m pretty transparent, so I’m sure she saw my eyes got wide. I’m pretty sure I said hi and she just ignored me.


And lower those eyebrows, Millhouse!

I suspect it’s because she’s pro life and I’m against someone putting a vaginal probe inside me if I wanted to have an abortion.

Enough said. I’ve said too much.

Speaking of vaginal probes, I would like to recommend a friendly office I visited recently, Arcadia Radiology. Lynn does the best mammograms. I mean, if you have to be squished, at least be squished by someone who knows how it’s done. She does this 14-20 times a day. So you know she knows how to do it. We were talking about how she is frustrated lately because women that are supposed to come in for mammograms every year now don’t get it done, because of the cost. I know something about this because of my profession (ahem). I told her it’s impossible for me not to empathize with people who don’t have health insurance because I was there just recently.  I wish we could fix this in the U.S.A.

I was talking to my Dad this morning about fixing things here (talk about continuing a theme) and I mentioned how we need to get rid of child labor on farms. I just saw a documentary called “La Cosecha” and it showed 14 year olds working in the fields full-time in Florida and Michigan, making $64 dollars a week.

Houston, we have a problem.

Don’t waste your fruit, people! I’m being tongue in cheek here, because if I didn’t laugh I would cry.

Speaking of fruit, you can get your fill at OverEasy.

They make a delicious granola with almonds that has a slightly vanilla flavor and it comes with a side of 2% milk and at least a cup of mixed berries and grapes (blueberries, blackberries and seedless purple grapes). Yummy. I’ve enjoyed this breakfast twice this week since Jack treated me yesterday and I treated my Dad today for his birthday. He had a Benedict breakfast that looked very tasty that included ham and spinach. Jack ordered an egg breakfast with overeasy eggs, toast, link sausages and hash browns. Everyone I know has been happy with their experience at OverEasy, and I’ve tried to introduce others I know to them…because they are owned by chef Aaron May who is the chef at Mabel’s on Main and soon to be a local, small plates restaurant at the same location that was formerly Iruña (RIP). And there are cute cow umbrellas displayed on the ceiling. And bright yellow paint greets you. It is very cheerful, in the spirit of…Newt Gingrich.

Sorry I couldn’t help that.

We went to the GoodGuys car show last weekend at WestWorld.

I saw a VW Bus that I would really like to have.

Actually there were two. One had the “pop up” for camping and the other was more of just something to cruise in (see photo). I would settle for either.

I’m pretty sure I was one three people there looking for foreign cars (in a sea of people enjoying the eye candy of modified and original pricy American cars).

It’s hard to take the German engineering “like” out of the girl.

I saw 3 VW beetles, one BMW that might have been a 70’s model that was boxy, like a Volvo/Milano and the two VW Busses and one Mercedes. That’s it. I think seven total. Or eight. My math is bad. Thank goodness for calculators, Excel and accountants (thank you Nancy).


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