Molly Butler’s Georgia Fried Chicken (Greer) and Frybread at Sunrise Park Resort

10 Mar

My Dad and I spent a great time this week skiing at Sunrise. Two whole days. Whoohoo!

You can tell Dad had fun.

I also enjoyed myself on the slopes, especially after finding out about “rear entry” boots. These types of ski boots are ideal for those us who have cankles (i.e. large ankles). I’d never heard of them before and after spending the first half of day one complaining about sore shins, the nice people at Sunrise Park Resort rentals had an answer. Girl, you need rear entry boots!

I’ll be looking for a pair of my own after ski season is over. Maybe I will find a good pair on sale?

While at Sunrise, we enjoyed frybread in the day lodge. They really load up their frybread there, Indian-taco style. Refried beans (or pinto chili beans with beef if you prefer) with lettuce, tomato, cheese, guac and sour cream. I ordered two… and they were so huge, we could have shared one. But I wanted all of the crispy edges to myself.

My favorite dining experience on our trip was at Molly Butler’s in Greer. We always try to go there when we are nearby, whether we have been camping, hiking or skiing. A little reward for our physical efforts.

Our last night we sprang for a meal at Molly’s and we were not disappointed. Georgia Fried Chicken for me was crispy and well battered (similar to how Jack makes his, soaked in buttermilk and coated with flour and spices) with an enormous scoop of mashed potatoes smothered in a creamy brown gravy. Mmmm. Comfort food. Dad enjoyed a huge pork chop with scalloped apples and grilled asparagus. We shared delicious sauteed whole mushrooms that I suspect were cooked with butter, sherry and garlic. I just really like mushrooms.

If you go up to Greer, don’t miss Molly’s.

And if you’re 70 or over, you ski free at Sunrise. Dad was pretty happy about this.

The day lodge at Sunrise uses a bloody mary mix that has horseradish already in it. It’s called Whiskey Willey’s and I’ll probably get Dad a bottle of it (and a good vodka) for his birthday coming up next week.



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