AZ Hispanic Chamber Black & White Ball earlybird discount, Free skiing at Sunrise Park Resort and Dinner at The Parlor

3 Mar

Any members of the AZ Hispanic Chamber out there? There’s an earlybird discount available to register by 3/31 for the Black & White Ball that takes place on May 5. I’m hoping to have the fundage to be able to attend. Members save $110 per ticket. That’s a lot! And a little incentive for someone who isn’t a member to sign up now (then you can still get the discount). Make sense? Si si si!

This event helps Latino students with college scholarships, so I can’t think of a better place to put our hard earned small business money (albeit for a new Fendi handbag). And it’s a tax write off. So, sign up, porfa, ahora mismo! (That’s Spanish for please, and right now!)

I will probably recycle my dress from last year, it is a bit of a “flamenco” number with red and black ruffles on top. Very festive. And if I have the moolah I will spring for a Cuban manicure. This is when the large part of your nail is red, and the tips are white. Very festive indeed!

The kitchen wench hasn’t done much networking the past year with her peeps at the AZ Hispanic Chamber because she’s been otherwise occupied, with a new job, and…


I have to say, it’s been a good call. And I have to give credit where credit is due. The AZ Hispanic Chamber (more specifically Carlos Velasco) gets snaps for giving me some free tickets to the Diamondbacks last year…that’s where Jack and I connected on a level that was a bit more profound than our previous relationship of customer and mechanic. So…muchas gracias a mis amigos en la AZHCC!

Yesterday I got a text from Dad asking me if I wanted to go skiing with him this coming week up at Sunrise Park Resort.

Did I?

30 minutes later I had the time off approved from my boss (thanks, Asuncion) and Dad secured a room about 3 miles from the slopes. Reasonable. About $65-70/night. And additionally reasonable (for him) since Dad doesn’t have to buy a lift ticket. Why, might you ask? Well, if you are 70 or over, you qualify for a *free* season pass. I’m not joking! Dad is beside himself since he found out about this freebie about three years ago. Yup, his birthday is coming up. And we’re celebrating early at the slopes. There might be a few hot buttered rums involved and possibly a Colorado bulldog. And I’m bringing snacks (salty snacks like peanuts) that go well with, well…alcohol. Specifically, beer and Cuarenta y Tres (a Spanish liquor that goes well with soda water or just by itself maybe with an ice cube and smacks of vanilla and citrus) that should keep us warm after coming in from the cold. Yes, the kitchen wench plans ahead for these types of contingencies.

Jack performed some minor surgery on my aunt Char’s dvd player last night. Specifically she had two dvd’s in it, when it is only a sigle player dvd. As you can imagine, this posed a problem. But in a flash, Jack had the suspect dvds removed and Char presented him with some brandy and dinner at The Parlor as a thank you. And I got to tag along, with Dad in tow as well. Char and Jack both enjoyed their seafood pasta (1/4 pound portion with a good amount of clams and other shellfish) while Dad and I preferred to share a sausage pizza, just like we did last week, along with a spinach salad. Yum yum yum. And yum.

Char gave us some cute espresso cups and saucers last night, they came from her late husband Frank (who was a semi golf pro in his day). She says these are made by Gumps in San Francisco and have 12K gold on them so you can’t put them in a dishwasher. I suspect the ones at my place will be used for espresso and the two we brought over to his pad will be used for tea.

We’re quite fancy these days, as you can see…




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