Pac-man inspired Pan de huevo and street tacos

1 Mar

There was a story on the national news (does Good Morning America qualify as news?) this morning from Modesto, CA about a girl (high school student) who is living with her teacher. I thought…well, this is nothing new, I mean, it has happened before and maybe it’s not such a big deal. She seemed pretty mature on TV and let’s face it, us gals are more mature at age 16 than the male species (I’m just saying). Well then I found out he is still married. That maybe makes things a little complicated, but still. Does it need to be on the national news? Maybe this is better fodder for social media.

I’m not a journalist, but surely George Stephanopholus can do better than this. I mean, he was a staff member in The White House. And Nancy Grace was there giving her opinion too. It’s a good thing I had my headphones on so I didn’t have to hear any of it (I was on the treadmill).

I suspect that in any other country this might not make the national news. Did any of you see En La Ciudad? It’s a Spanish movie about several couples lives and how they converge. One of the characters in the movie is dating his student (high school) and his friend finds out and says (I’m paraphrasing/translating here), “Dood, does her father know? He’s not going to like it.”

Jack brought home pan de huevo from Food City last night for the kitchen wench’s breakfast and for some reason I’ve had Pac-man on the brain lately.

It’s really the fault of my new co-worker Mary who has the cutest Pac-man hoodie I’ve ever seen. And she got it from Goodwill! Smart girl! She’s very bouncy and cute, reminds me a bit of me when I was her age. Although I’m not sure I was as smart and optimistic. She is going places.

We had street tacos last night (I call them street tacos because the corn tortillas aren’t fried). Maybe they are more accurately called tacos al pastor…but one thing for sure if that they are delicious. I’m not sure what cut of meat Jack used for these (or what spices, magic fairy dust, etc) but they had the biggest flavor of any tacos I have tried before. And…I get the leftovers!

We have got to get him on The Food Network.

I just got a call from my childhood friend Rob Adams, who has 3 months left at Wateree Prison in Columbia. He is one of the funniest and creative people I know. He remodels kitchens and bathrooms and also has interest in producing textiles (his own underwear line, specifically). Recently I agreed to build him a Facebook page which I have never done for anyone other than myself. When it’s done I will post the link so you can see it.

Years ago, he and one of his partners at the time hung  upside-down Christmas trees (decorated, mind you) in an Atlanta hotel lobby, for a charity event one year. Some were pink, I think. Rob’s other qualities are that he is an author (unpublished except for on this blog but soon to be on Anderson Cooper with me in the green room eating bagels, swedish fish and drinking espresso) and costume designer (one of his short stories details a costume he made for a friend going to a masque ball). He sprayed some sandals and ivy (for a head wreath) with gold paint and then did something creative with a sheet for a Greek look. There was more to it than that… but to get the rest, you will have to read his book (to be published by Penguin or other prestigious publishing house, we hope…or if that fails, we will self publish).

Go, team Rob!


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