Pizza from Mafia Mike’s and M&M’s Almond

29 Feb

My friend Linda at work gifted me a large slice of pizza today from Mafia Mike’s, where her son is working these days. A good amount of sausage, pepperoni and carmelized onions on it, which makes the kitchen wench very happy.


Rachel Maddow has Michael Moore on tonight (or I guess it was last night since I don’t have cable I watch it a night behind, online…) and with my slice of pizza and a Sierra Nevada, I am feeling self-actualized.

Did any of you miss M&M’s Almond candies at Valentine’s Day? I couldn’t find them. Maybe they didn’t make them like in previous years? Well, I got some. Walgreens is “doing” Easter.


I know. It’s shameless. But they are so tasty. You must get some.

The kitchen wench is a little cheerful tonight (to borrow a word from Newt) because she bought a dress on ebay that fits better than it did a year ago. Let me explain. I tried on the dress at a local boutique and I couldn’t afford it (even though it was on sale) but it flattered the kitchen wench’s rubenesque figure to a degree that I thought I must have it. So I have been coveting it for the past year. I know. It’s sad. I need to get a life. But look at this dress, and tell me, at 75% off, did I not get a good deal.

This is not a picture of me. It is a model. Although I do look pretty dishy in this dress.


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