Sausage/sage/radicchio pizza at The Parlor

25 Feb

Sometimes the little things irritate us. Lately for me (aside from politics), the irritation is that  I have to walk behind people smoking to get to my car after work. And I am walking behind them in the morning to get into the building before work. This is really bothersome for me because I make efforts to keep a healthy lifestyle and I have to breathe second hand smoke. Not sure how to remedy this, short of getting to work earlier than those who smoke and leaving later than them. Doesn’t seem like I should have to, but there it is.

Any suggestions out there?

Today for lunch I joined Linda, my brother Mike and my Dad at The Parlor. We shared a 12″ sausage/sage/radicchio pizza with a large spinach salad. And a red wine called Volver. It was just so pleasant to eat there with the doors open (their architecture allows for a lot of air to enter the building) and enjoy good conversation. We sat at the bar, in front of the pizza oven. This is quite fun, you can see inside the kitchen from your barber chair, and watch the prep of your pizza.

They use local sausage (Schreiners), which I think is a great thing. And it is yummy.

The Parlor won an award for best pizza last year from The Food Network for best pizza in Arizona. So you know it’s good.

And I just learned they have a happy hour from 3-6:00 pm. Oh boy.

I was out for a walk today along 36th St. between Indian School and Camelback Roads, when a young man asked me for fifty cents. I felt bad that I didn’t have it, because I’ve been there.  For a living I am on the phone every day asking people to pay their past due bills, and I have been there too (on the other side of the phone, not so long ago). It is not a pleasant thing to get one of these calls. Yesterday I was talking to a man who told me he had paid his bill to the creditor (to be unnamed) and he had been given a discount to settle his bill. This is not unusual, especially in today’s economy. So I asked him if he had proof of his settlement. He told me he didn’t get a letter from his lender. So ultimately, until he can, I can’t close his account.



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