What’s that in my pineapple bun?

23 Feb

I was typing this post and it got deleted! That must mean I’m not supposed to mention my thoughts on the Republican presidential debate last night.

Newt Gingrich said the one word that describes him is (wait for it) cheerful. Really?

I don’t think that come November there is going to be a big problem getting President Obama re-elected. But then I could be surprised. I mean, politics is a strange bird. I could be crying in my tom yum gai. But I hope not.

Also worth a mention…Google has new  privacy policies – so if you don’t want your search information collected, just log out of your Google apps (like gmail) before searching. And if you are going to search something juicy, call me first. I want all of the sordid details!

This morning I was eating a pineapple bun that Jack procured from the Asian bakery at Mekong Plaza (delicious) and I found something unusual inside.

My first thought is that it was a preserved egg…and my second thought is that it is a jackfruit. Jackfruit smells kind of funny, but then again, a preserved egg might also. Needless to say, I ate half of the suspect egg/jackfruit and threw the rest away. Now I need nap. Those pastries are so yummy. And very filling.

We enjoyed Chinese broccoli, moo goo gai pan, chow fun noodles and duck  last night from Mekong Palace Restaurant…some of which are destined for the kitchen wench’s lunch today. Jack  knows me so well.

Do you enjoy cooking shows? We watch a lot of Iron Chef America. I like that there’s the secret ingredient that always makes us think, “gosh, what’s he/she gonna do with that?”

I’ve been thinking that Jack could really make a go of it at Iron Chef America as a guest chef. He likes all different types of cuisine, and as far as I can tell he makes them all as well. In our spare time we should write a cookbook, promote him locally and then get him invited on the show.  He would give Mario Batali a run for his money. You’ll find me in the green room, eating Swedish fish and bagels, and drinking (hopefully) espresso.


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