Waffles a la Mike

22 Feb

My brother Mike has a great knack for making waffles. He recently got a new waffle maker (see below).

He uses Bob’s Red Mill 10 Grain mix.

You can find it at Sprouts. It is really tasty. The trick is, you have to grease your waffle iron well and leave the batter in it long enough so it gets well browned. No peeking! A couple of weeks ago he made me a waffle which I enjoyed with powdered sugar and apricot preserves. He is hosting breakfast again tomorrow morning. I’m just a little sad that I have to eventually go to work after breakfast…otherwise I would also request bloody marys. But, we know that’s not happening tomorrow, at least. Maybe…Sunday?

I joked with my brother that we should get a business license and buy a few more waffle irons, and then get a “carny” license so we can sell them every year at the AZ State Fair. We could have different toppings, like strawberries and cream, nutella, baked apples and powdered sugar. We could sell them for like, $7.00 apiece. I mean, you know how expensive fair food is. I told my brother that he could make the waffles and I would collect the money. Sounds like a good accounting system to me.

We could use an “angel” investor. Any takers?


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