Grand Lux Cafe happy hour and Teavana teas – an evening at Scottsdale Fashion Square

21 Feb

Okay, both of the places I’m going to talk about today are chains…I know. Usually I don’t “do” chains, but Jack wanted to do happy hour on Friday and he had been to Grand Lux Cafe before. The verdict: Very tasty. And a little salty. But still…you must go.

We had lettuce wraps, duck “triangles” and bbq pork sliders (my favorite) that come on cute sesame seed buns with a kosher dill pickle on top. And we enjoyed Fat Tires…although with all of this food, we didn’t finish them. I know, hard to believe, but beer is filling, folks!

Jack recently acquired a new teapot (in foreground) and electric kettle (behind it) courtesy of The cute “bee” thermometer is courtesy of the kitchen wench, via AJ’s Fine Foods. They have lots of kitchen gadgets shaped like animals, and I couldn’t resist. My little contribution to our tea venture.

He is a big big fan of all things Amazon, along with my brother Mike. Since his brewing accessories arrived, he has been talking about buying loose tea. So, after happy hour we went to Teavana in the mall and found some teas (pricey teas) that are sold by the ounce – peach tranquility and lavender dreams.

The lavender tea has flowers in it that look like mini roses, and in the peach tea you see bits of dried peaches. Both teas are very aromatic, and I can’t wait to try their other selections. I will be exploring their black and green teas, along with a chocolate tea that also smelled promising. But…Teavana is not for the weak of wallet. Did I mention it’s pricey? Be prepared to drop a C note if you are going to buy two medium containers of tea and a scooper.

I know. It’s an investment. But if you drink it at home every day as opposed to getting it “on the go” you are going to save a bundle…and it is a fun and relaxing ritual. Go and smell the different teas at Teavana.

Teavana is also neat, as they tell you what temperature to brew each variety of tea and for how long it should steep. They are into the science of tea, which I appreciate. Alton Brown would approve. They also have some beautiful and pricey teapots, the best ones are cast iron, and handmade. Wow.

If you can’t afford Teavana, there are always Twinings Earl Grey and Bigelow Constant Comment. Two of my all time favorites. Not to be scoffed at.


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