Lentil fetoosh salad from Pita Jungle and free lightbulbs from SRP

16 Feb

The State of VA is close to passing a law that will force women to undergo a vaginal ultrasound prior to getting an abortion.


I went to school in Virginia. I like Virginia. But I won’t ever live there.


I’m drowning my disappointment regarding this subject with a lentil fetoosh salad from Pita Jungle (and a few Sierra Nevadas).

This is my favorite salad of all time. It has romaine lettuce, purple onion, garlic (just a bit), cucumbers and…lentils with celery (this is served warm, on the side). And I asked for extra dressing and it was provided. The nice folks at Pita Jungle are keeping us healthy…and it is a good thing, because of this recent news in Virginia…the ratio of beers to salad could “cancel out” the benefits of a salad. But I’m going to try to subscribe to the idea that if I eat some healthy things, I will live an extra “7 seconds.” This quote is courtesy of my Dad, who is a mountain goat, and eats very healthy. I suspect he has discovered the fountain of youth, sold his soul to the devil…or both.

If you are an SRP customer, you can get free lightbulbs. The kitchen wench is all about the free, especially lately since I found out that I have to write a big check to the IRS come April 15. Get your free lightbulbs here if you are an SRP customer. http://shop.niagaraconservation.com/srp/?et_cid=2479772&et_rid=95972105&et_ad=


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