A new cookbook, early Valentine’s Day and more Valentine’s Day dinner recommendations

14 Feb

Valentine’s Day came a day early. Whoohoo!

Jack made a beautiful meal last night with steak (tender and bbq’d), skillet potatoes and corn on the cob. Just check out the leftovers destined for the kitchen wench’s lunch today.


His skillet potatoes have the skin on (I love potatoes this way) and are cooked with onions…and (wait for it) bacon. I mean, pork fat, people. It is a good thing. My brother and sister in law are missing out.

Well…maybe they aren’t. I mean, we visited them last year and my sis-in-law makes a pretty mean latke, that Jack has duplicated very well, I must admit. She also makes a challah bread (I think it is called Festive bread and uses 1/2 wheat and 1/2 white flour with honey and only needs to rise once). This bread is magic. With lots of butter. And a sparkling Kosher wine (buy the one with the bee on it from Trader Joe’s).

Since we visited my Jewish relatives, I ordered The Gourmet Jewish Cook (nope they haven’t converted me yet but the food might) by Judy Zeidler. Got my copy on half.com (ebay’s solution to used textbooks, books, games, etc) for $1.61 plus mailing charges. And…it’s a signed copy. I mean, that is a bargain. It arrived yesterday and was really meant to be an early V-day present for Jack. But maybe it’s more of a gift for me, since the kitchen wench benefits directly.

Get yours now at half.com…or if you want to go full boat, Amazon.com. (here’s where I insert my views on Amazon.com) Amazon.com serves it’s purpose. But, when we can buy local, like getting your sweetie some brownies at brownies.com (Fairytale Brownies), it is best. Keep the money local, people, if at all possible. Then if I can’t find local I go to ebay (because you can do your search by zip code and find people in your area who are selling – again helping the local economy).

This is where the kitchen wench makes additional restaurant recommendations. And gift recommendations. One of my coworkers bought her sweetie one of those fruit chocolate dipped Edible Arrangements yesterday. It did look pretty good. But pricy ($45 plus delivery). So the kitchen wench is adopting a Valentine’s policy that allows for bags of M&M’s for your sweetie, or in my case, a bag of Jolly Ranchers. Hey! I’m a girl on a budget.

Okay, on to some more restaurant recommendations. Mabel’s on Main. I mean, Aaron May is the chef there, so you can’t go wrong. The other place you might want to go to is Los Sombreros in S. Scottsdale, these guys do a lamb shank meal and a citrus crab salad with almond flavored tequila flan. It’s basically what I would call a negotiating meal. Like if you want to do business with someone…and get the best end of the deal. Another place I recommend is Cornish Pasty in Tempe. Eating a pie filled with meat, potatoes and onions along with a stout could be a pretty sexy (and economical thing)…since the pies come with a side of gravy.  You could save it for later and wait for the fireworks. But the kitchen wench is a lady, so I’m not suggesting…


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