Convalescing with chicken lo mein, Earl Grey and Home Movies

9 Feb

The kitchen wench is sick. Again.

Bronchitis this time.


So I’m convalescing with some comfort food from Little Shanghai, one of my favorite mom and pop Chinese haunts in my hood. Go there and get some chicken lo mein. It has cabbage, broccoli and carrots, so you can also say you are doing something good for your bod.

Their crispy duck is also very tasty, but not meant to be a part of the kitchen wench’s diet right now.

So today I took the day off work, went to see my doctor and they told me they were full up. Couldn’t see me. My heart sank (not really, but come on! I am a compliant patient. I don’t whine…much, or ask for free samples, hardly). A practical kitchen wench knows what to do when the doctor’s office says they can’t get me in. I go to urgent care.


New to my neighborhood is Doctors Express. 40th St./Camelback (conveniently next to Fresh & Easy and my dentist). They are great! Jackie their nice front office gal took my $40 copay and I was ushered back to a treatment room where I took a catnap and shortly thereafter was diagnosed with bronchitis. Instructions: take a Z Pack.

So off to the pharmacy I went. Unfortunately, horse size antibiotics have some side effects (my tummy is upset) but I am feeling better. So… we take the good with the bad.

Tonight I’m recovering with chicken lo mein (aforementioned), Earl Grey tea (courtesy of my friend Linda at work) and Home Movies (courtesy of Jack, and Netflix). Do you guys remember that show? It is hilarious! The “Ben” character of Dr. Katz does the voice of the bully coach.

Yes, the kitchen wench is easily amused. We have established that.

When I was in my cupboard tonight getting a teabag, I saw the cute owl teabag holder and teapot for one that Linda gave me for Christmas. Aren’t they the cutest thing?


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