When your milk goes bad…drink nut tea

7 Feb

My coworker Mark had introduced me to a “nut tea” as he calls it, a few months back. And then he gave me a whole box of them for Christmas. I love coworkers who give me food!

Anyways, I didn’t have much use for them until recently, I was down with a cold and drank many of these (some with a shot of dark rum) along with a slice of lemon-orange from Barbara’s garden. As many of you may know already from previous posts, Barbara is Jack’s former neighbor and very sweet person. She gives us entering/exiting privileges to her garden, which is greatly appreciated.

The nut tea is pre-sweetened, but not too sweet. You can add milk to it if you want. But you don’t have to in order to enjoy it. This morning I enjoyed it instead of coffee, because…the milk went bad. Then I discovered I had a white sticky stain on my dress (don’t think that! It’s remnants from a Bosa glazed donut probably). Then the internet wasn’t working. So I had some nut tea instead, drove home to use the internet (now) to tell you that you can have this nut tea instead of coffee when your milk goes bad.

Look for the green boxes at Asian markets. I’m pretty sure Ranch 99 sells these.



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