Green Mix

7 Feb

I’m a big salad gal. When I was younger, my Mom contracted me to be the salad chef for our family (my allowance reflected salad efforts). Our dinner salads were served family style in one of those huge patchwork bamboo bowls, and usually included crispy endive or romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, purple onion and whole black olives with a simple oil and red wine vinegar dressing. Not fancy, but everything was very fresh. Mom was a stickler on this. If she found a piece of lettuce that was not up to par, she would pluck it from the salad before it could appear on the dinner table.

When I tried Green Mix for the first time, I had a flashback to my childhood, being in the kitchen with my Mom while she prepared dinner and I made the salad. It’s because Green Mix uses the quality ingredients we used to use (except now we eat out more and cook less). Their reasonable prices mean I can go a couple of times a month and not feel guilty about spending the buckaroos to eat out.

I found out about Green Mix a few months back after being referred by coworker Summer… after ogling her salads day in and day out, she finally spilled the beans about her favorite lunch place.  My coworker Cat (Catolina) and I decided to go there for lunch.  I enjoyed the Tender Steak salad (see picture) while she had her favorite, the Green Chicken Panini. Lunch came to about $20 for both including drinks (they have standard fountain drinks and flavored teas). Great pride is taken in the quality and freshness of the ingredients. The tender steak salad has the crispest butter lettuce I have ever encountered, along with a sliced grilled steak (to your taste), cherry tomatoes, beets, red onions, sweet corn, carrots, blue cheese and an herb balsamic vinaigrette. Cat’s Green Chicken Panini looked very tasty; it included arugula, mashed avocado, green apples, smoked gouda cheese and chipotle spread. She also asked for and was given gratis a side of sliced jalapeños (she is a spicy girl).

Green Mix also offers a soup of the day, rice bowls (with brown rice) and wraps. You can also create your own salad; you get a choice of greens and toppings, proteins (and other goodies) and fresh made dressings. I’m looking forward to trying the honey walnut chicken salad (there is spinach in this one) and also the mango shrimp salad. The kitchen wench is a big fan of mango. And shrimp.

The location is 2160 E. Baseline Rd. (24th St./Baseline on the north west side of the street in the Fry’s plaza). You can call 602-268-8228 and place your order to go, or call ahead for no wait dine in (this is what Cat and I did. In the spirit of full disclosure we were 5 minutes late coming back from lunch. Had to catch up on girl talk. Thankfully the boss was pretty cool about it. Thanks, Asun!)

Hours are Mon-Sat 11am-9pm and Sun 11am-7pm

On my first visit to Green Mix, I quipped with the owner about the possibility of their opening a 2nd location in Central Phoenix. She didn’t think it would happen, but a girl can dream. Ahhh…salad days.


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