Eating our way through Superbowl Weekend

6 Feb

Friday night Jack made latkes with kefta kebabs (all lamb, very juicy and marinated on skewers) with a spinach and orange salad. And since one potato makes so many latkes (like a dozen) we had leftovers, which we enjoyed today during the superbowl, along with some chips and salsa, and “tacos dorados” aka flautas from El Rancho Carniceria and Bakery on McDowell and Hayden Roads.

I love this place. Jack also got some chicharrones and there was a churro for me (breakfast was served).

Yesterday we were in Glendale for the Chocolate Festival where I inhaled a triple chocolate cupcake (Jack had a bite) and we shared a caramel apple. It was so delicious. Caramel apples are my favorite type of festival/fair food. Next to fry bread, that is. The line was too long for fry bread though, so we opted for Haus Murphy’s. I am a big big (emphasis on big here) fan of German food. They were having sandwich lunch specials so I took advantage of Jack’s largesse (his treat, or shout) and ordered a black forest ham sandwich with pear slices on ciabatta bread. Very tasty. Jack enjoyed a ruben with sauerkraut on rye, and we both imbibed their darkest stout (small steins) and then we were pretty much out for the count. We needed a nap, that is.

I can’t wait to go back for their weinerschnitzel with german potato salad and pickled cabbage. And apple streusel. Yummy.

Then for dinner we found ourselves along with my brother Mike and aunt Char (and my Dad since he is the grasshopper and always fun to be around) at a fairly new Cambodian restaurant called Sekong by Night near 12th St./Indian School. You must go to this place. The food is very reasonable, healthy and there is a big menu. I had a soup with chicken broth, egg noodles, a few shrimp and wontons. Jack ordered a beef noodle soup similar to the one he makes and my Dad and Aunt had dish with egg noodles, veggies and beef in a brown sauce that looked very tasty. And Mike enjoyed a fried rice dish with shredded chicken on top that looked very healthy. Everyone said it was a super meal. Go now. Right now. They are open for lunch and dinner. And…(wait for it) they are BYOB. Bring your favorite wine or beer. Plum wine would be nice. For our next meal there.


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