Beef chow fun and beef fried rice from Mekong Palace and the snack tray

2 Feb

Jack is either making lamb burgers tonight or cornish game hen. I know because I spied both ground lamb and a little bird in the refrig this morning. Ahhhhh, surprises…

He picked up beef chow fun and beef fried rice last night from Mekong Palace. Leftovers for the kitchen wench’s lunch today.

I was contemplating our red plastic Chinese “snack tray” today that we found at Mekong Supermarket.

We needed something to hold all of the salty, sweet and crunchy goodies that are essential for football, and Netflix. We have on today’s tray: York peppermint patties, spicy dried mango, a phone charger (not sure why that’s there), in the shell roasted peanuts (unsalted), some green tea pumpkin seeds (not crazy about these but they do provide good crunch) and a Chinese New Year peanut candy snack plate – unopened still. We will probably open it on Superbowl Sunday. There are rumblings that Jack may grill some wings. And beer may be made available.


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