Z Tejas happy hour and cheesecake a la Dear Abby via the kitchen wench

28 Jan

All I could think about yesterday (being that it was a Friday) was getting to Jack’s and putting my jammmies on so we could have Moroccan time. We call our down time Moroccan time (or I do that is more accurately) when we lay out a big quilt in his living room and watch Netflix…or football. I really cherish our Moroccan time, it is time when we can just “be” and drink a beer, or some chamomile tea (the kitchen wench is not a total lush) while munching on some chicharrones or peanuts, or…whatever yummy snacks happen to be around. Usually there is pickled mango which has become a favorite snack of mine, it has quite a “bite” of vinegar, and you can buy it in jars, or sealed pouches at Asian markets. Try it, but be careful…it can be highly addictive. http://www.honolulumagazine.com/Honolulu-Magazine/May-2006/Savoring-Pickled-Mango/

I digress. Yesterday while I was thinking about Moroccan time, apparently Jack was thinking about happy hour, because when we spoke in the afternoon before I came over to his place, he was like, “how about happy hour?” I’m thinking, why not? It has been awhile. The last time we were at happy hour it might have been at Kona Grill several months ago when Jack had a burger and I think I had some kind of Chinese chicken salad that was quite good. We also did a happy hour at Dave and Busters. If you are a gamer and like sliders and Guiness, it can be fun. They have Frogger and Pac Man and Galaga, all of the games we both remember (we’re dating ourselves here). Anyways…last night we went to Mill Avenue (Jack’s idea) and found parking near Z Tejas. He noticed they had outside seating. A big A-frame sign beckoned us – “Happy Hour” and listed food and drink specials.

So, it turns out that Z Tejas has a pretty good happy hour (the waiter claimed our food was half price, which the frugal kitchen wench appreciates, since I was treating). We enjoyed mini tacos (which are very cute and the meat is very tasty) that come with a tomatillo sauce. We also tried the pork chile verde (very nice) and the ahi tuna (I am not so crazy about raw fish – or is that partially cooked – but Jack likes it, so I tried one piece and it was pretty tasty). The ahi comes sliced thin with a type of yummy sauce and pickled ginger. It tasted fresh and like fish but the consistency of raw fish does not agree with me. We drank mojitos. They arrived very fizzy, which I like. Jack had a mango mojito and I ordered guava. It was a bit sweeter. They both had plenty of fresh mint and quite a bit of rum. I might have opted for a second but then Jack would have been picking me up off the floor. Not very lady like.

The nice thing about happy hour is that sometimes there are leftovers. The kitchen wench loves leftovers. Today I was having the leftover cornbread (I forgot to mention when you get to your table at Z Tejas they bring you this beautiful little pan of cornbread with butter) and one of the tacos for lunch:

(change of theme)

Lately the leftover cream cheese from my Christmas cookies has been staring at me (from the refrigerator, this implies that I am poking my nose in there quite often, haha) so finally, finally a cheesecake is baking in the oven today. Here’s what you’re going to need if you want to make one  (food processor helps in making the crust).

The crust came together beautifully, I am proud (see below).

Here’s the recipe http://www.cooks.com/rec/view/0,1713,157184-241200,00.html

The only thing I didn’t do was put sour cream on after it was done baking. I think it’s a bit of overkill but I’m sure some will disagree.



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