Rim your glass with homemade Aleppo chili salt

26 Jan

Did anyone else out there enjoy the President’s speech last night as much as I did? I like that he’s for the Dream Act.  And that he’s allowed for Gays in the military. My Dad says that he’s glad we’ve got someone with brains in the White House for a change. I can’t help but agree.

(change of theme)

The kitchen wench’s appetite is back. For joy! In the spirit of full disclosure, it was not absent for too long… but with a recent cold, I was not too keen on solid food. Thankfully Jack made me spicy Thai soup with chicken and mushrooms (see picture below)  and had a steady supply of Theraflu coming the kitchen wench’s way. I am on the mend. Yes!

Another sign that the kitchen wench is on the mend…I was able to slurp down a blood orange shake today from Gelato Spot (their flavor of the month). It tastes something like a 50/50 bar, but a little more tart. I love their gelato. It is made fresh daily.  And make note, salted caramel gelato, which was a monthly flavor, is now on their regular menu. Yes!

I digress. I found out about Aleppo chili salt from the nice people at Foodzie.com. They do a monthly sample pack for $20/mo. You get samples from different artisan food vendors around the country. It’s pretty neat!

In one of my boxes last year I was sent a sample from Didi Davis Artisan Foods and it contained Aleppo chili salt and sumac pepper salt. Immediately I started using the Aleppo chili salt to rim a glass for beer (see picture below) and the sumac pepper salt was used for pasta salads.

I recently found out that you can buy Aleppo pepper at Penzey’s (at Tempe Marketplace) and this made me very happy. I was obsessing a bit because I had gone through my sample from Didi Davis, and after checking their website I realized that it is costly to ship flavored salt. About $30.00/pound (I think this was via fedex). I just couldn’t wrap my mind around spending more for the shipping than I was going to spend for the salt. So I continued to obsess. And then Jack and I were at Penzey’s a couple of weeks ago and behold! They have Aleppo pepper! You mix about 1 part pepper with 1 part kosher salt and you have a great spicy rimming salt for beer (my favorite way to use it) or margaritas. Making it yourself will save you a bundle. Just shake it up in a little jar and spread a little bit on waxed paper. Moisten the rim of your glass with water, or lime before rimming.

Courtesy of the frugal kitchen wench.

If you don’t have the time, or energy to make it yourself, you can order it here: http://www.salttraders.com/




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