Virtual sangria from Iruña and Cuarenta y Tres

21 Jan

I got an email this week from Iruña thanking me for being a member of their e-family for one year, and gifting me a free pitcher of sangria. Yea!

Then I remembered that they have closed so Chef Aaron May can start a new restaurant concept of small/local plates (I am so there).  This means that I don’t get the free pitcher of Sangria… but I am still basking in the warm glow of my last meal there at Iruña a couple of weeks ago. I tried Cuarenta y Tres for the first time with coffee and dessert. It’s very warming and vanilla-like.  I will probably enjoy it just as-is but you would probably find it nice with an ice cube (or two) or maybe it could be used with soda water? I’m not sure. But I intend to find out. I went out today and bought a bottle after finishing (almost) everything on my to-do list for the weekend (it was a long list).

Cuarenta y Tres

Also my friend Linda’s birthday is today so we are going to St. Francis to celebrate. There is a dark and stormy (maybe 2?) in my future. They make a tasty za’atar and currant chicken salad sandwich on homemade flatbread (see picture below), with fingerling potatoes (their version of fries that is better than any other fry I have ever tried) and spicy catsup.


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