Mike’s Longevity Salad

20 Jan

My brother Mike has been enjoying this salad as a part of his dinner every night for quite some time now. I tease him and tell him that he’s going to live to be something like 107 years old if he keeps eating this way. Here’s the recipe, direct from the chef (and a photo too). Thanks, brother!

He buys the collard greens from WalMart, or the southern green mix from Fresh and Easy.

  • Fresh collard greens
  • Tomato
  • Shredded carrots
  • Green bell pepper
  • Red beans
  • Olive oil and vinegar dressing w/ pepper and raw garlic
After rinsing my greens and carrots, I dry them with a kitchen towel.

This way, it will eventually help the dressing will stick to the salad.
Vinegar is watery. Oil is not. If you add the oil before the vinegar, the dressing will stick to the salad and not run off.
Place the dried greens and carrots, tomatoes, pepper, and beans in a large bowl. 
Then add the olive oil, pepper, and garlic- Mix well
Now add some vinegar- Mix well

Mike's Longevity Salad with collard greens


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